Eerste word Derde – First became Third


Politici en ander organisasies wat rassisme spoeg op blankes, moet maar verlief neem dat Afrikaners, Boere en ander blankes wat dieselfde voel,   hier is om te bly.   Dis ons geboortegrond en sekere grond behoort vir geslagte aan ons.  Ons gaan nêrens.   Ons as volk het 100% reg tot grondgebiede wat ons sin is.  Selfs die ontwikkeling van stede en dorpe, waar niks was nie, kan ons met trots terugstaan dat ons niks verbrand nie, want ons geniet ontwikkeling en vooruitgang.    Ons dreig nie om Ulundi, Nkandla of Alexandra te beset nie, of dreig nie die Zoeloes of Tswanas om hul grond en plase te beset nie .  Dus, waarom doen regering en kommuniste dit dan?  vir eie gewin?

1867 – Table mountain and Cape of Good Hope

First became Third

Government, political parties, white liberal and organizations who spitting  racism about whites in South Africa,  must take note that Afrikaners and Boers (whites) are here to stay. We have a 100% international right to territories that belong to us since 1652.   Even the developments and infrastructures of cities and towns,  dams and Eskom, etc. there were nothing, and especially after the Anglo Boer Wars.   We are proud.  We can proudly stand back for not burning down anything like blacks always do.  If blacks are unhappy with their lifes or lifestyles, do not want to school, they burn down a school or business or three.   They can live in their own areas and then they can burn everything down.  Most of them are already in the Trustlands.

We do not enter Trustlands (old homelands) or  where land areas were claimed and allocated as CPA’s since 1994 to them only – separately.   We do not occupy areas at Ulundi or Nkandla and never threaten the Zulu king or Zuma or Venda king or anybody else, that we are going to take their land without compensation? We did not threaten Ramaphosa to take his various farms, game and livestock for us.  But certainly they can share their big farms, houses, cattle and animals with their supporters.  They can share their land and give title deed to their supporters.

Afrikaners and Boers,  are here to stay. We are entitled to rule ourselves in our own independent country and enjoy our culture and traditions.   We do not mind if those Trustlands can stay with them or the traditional leaders and their supporters.  All ethnic people have a right to rule themselves.


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