Swart besighede – Black owned entities

BLACK OWNED ENTITIES - 2012/13 https://www.parliament.gov.za/storage/app/media/Docs/exe_rq_na/19c226ef-e990-4542-8485-62f4cfacc371.pdf No SUPPLIER Amount in LC 1 SEEKERS TRAVEL R647 748 430,54 2 KZN OILS R533 337 069,27 3 AVENG MANUFACTURING - LENNINGS RAIL SERVICES R221 946 764,52 4 BP / MASANA R217 069 353,00 5 FIDELITY SECURITY SERVICES R153 606 841,34 6 REELIN INVESTMENTS R136 299 516,07 7 SCAW… Continue reading Swart besighede – Black owned entities


Business Trust Community Investment Programme

The Business Trust Community Investment Programme was established to pilot a market-based approach to development in poor communities.    The Business Trust carried out its work by building partnerships and encouraging a cooperative approach to the pursuit of South Africa’s development objectives. The idea was that relationships could be built and trust enhanced by working together… Continue reading Business Trust Community Investment Programme

BBEE Trustfund Motsepe

Saam met swart bemagtiging wat verskeidenheid volke insluit, sluit dit ook blanke volke uit - rassisme - en dan word ons as Afrikaners en Boere (blankes) beskuldig dat ons rassiste is.  Ons het nie B-BBEE wetgewings of selfs Trustwetgewing of CPA wetgewings geskep nie.   Die feit bly staan, dit is rassisties en sluit blankes uit. … Continue reading BBEE Trustfund Motsepe

Eskom se biljoene

For years those were operated.  Eskom’s mega power stations Medupi and Kusile, which were intended to alleviate SA’s power constraints, have a multitude of serious design and technical flaws that are impeding their operation.  Somebody perhaps just pull the necessary plugs out to get more money from us, the tax payers.   Who paid billions thusfar… Continue reading Eskom se biljoene

B-BBEE – swart bemagtiging – Motsepe

Individuals such as Patrice Motsepe, Cyril Ramaphosa, Saki Makazoma, Bridgette Radebe and Mzi Khumalo are some examples of high profile black individuals driving a number of the largest BEE deals to benefit the companies which they are leading. READ MORE  / lees meer Strangled Eskom “PYRAMID SCHEMES” Eskom Swart Bemagtiging (B-BBEE) Ramaphosa : B-BBEE *** Sanlam announces BEE… Continue reading B-BBEE – swart bemagtiging – Motsepe

Dr Motsepe

Dr Motsepe is the founder and Executive Chairman of African Rainbow Minerals (ARM). He is also the founder and Chairman of Ubuntu-Botho Investments, African Rainbow Capital (ARC), African Rainbow Energy and Power (AREP) and is the Chairman of Harmony.  Dr Motsepe was a partner in one of the largest law firms in South Africa, Bowman… Continue reading Dr Motsepe

Strangled Eskom “PYRAMID SCHEMES”

Praat van deurmekaar en nog erger is al die geld wat vir jare "oorbetaal" is, aan wie en om wie te bevoordeel uit die Eskom en selfs ander SOE sages wat "bankrot" speel.   Is die spul regtig bankrot of is daar regtig fout met al hierdie kragstasies wat triljoene kos? WHAT ABOUT THE 2015 ENGINEERS… Continue reading Strangled Eskom “PYRAMID SCHEMES”