Sahara secrets

  Richat Structure Around 130,000 to 100,000 years ago the Sahara desert was not the sea of sands it is today. Instead, three large rivers created green corridors that linked sub-Saharan Africa to the Mediterranean and could have provided a safe means of passage for migrating ancient humans, according to a new study Rock formations… Continue reading Sahara secrets

Atlantis – the Richat Structure – near Ireland – Western Africa

A gigantic geological structure in the Sahara Desert of Mauretania, which is seen in this satellite image, is measuring approximately 50 km (32 miles) in diameter.   It is known as the Richat Structure and has been a familiar landmark since the earliest space missions.   It is one of the most unique rock formations on Earth… Continue reading Atlantis – the Richat Structure – near Ireland – Western Africa

Atlantic Ocean

The Atlantic Ocean is the second largest ocean after the Pacific Ocean. It has a surface area of 106, 460,000 square kilometers or 41,100,000 square miles. 23.5% of the Earth's surface area (20% as per Wikipedia) is covered by Atlantic Ocean. Its basin is elongated and S shaped.  The name Atlantic was first used during the era of Herodotus in Ancient Greece… Continue reading Atlantic Ocean