Cuba, Colombia, EU – George Soros (OSF)

George Soros, FARC, Norway, Cuba, the UN, and the European Union. 6 reasons why Colombia cannot declare “Sovereignty” on July 20.  The July 20 celebration parade not only constitutes a vulgar histrionism about the true situation of diplomatic dependence on Colombia, but directly an explicit deception about the famished sovereignty of the territory in the face of… Continue reading Cuba, Colombia, EU – George Soros (OSF)

TRRC – Gambia – Madi Ceesay

  July 2019 -  Madi Ceesay fails to tell the TRRC of Gambia that he received $17,000 from billionaire George SOROS’S OPEN SOCIETY FOUNDATION /INSTITUTE for the re-opening of the independent newspaper back in 2007. *** READ MORE ABOUT THE TRRC IN GAMBIA It was back in the year 2007, when Madi Ceesay, the former Manager… Continue reading TRRC – Gambia – Madi Ceesay