South Africa – safety tips – Beveiliging

Nog 'n paar idees oor beveiliging.   Beveiliging is belangrik, vir uself, gesin, familie,  gaste, werkers en die hele omgewing.    Die wenke of idees wat op plase en kleinhoewes van toepassing is, moet en kan ook in dorpe en stede gedoen word, huise sowel as besighede.   Hoe minder ander weet hoe beveiliging rondom uself of… Continue reading South Africa – safety tips – Beveiliging

Koper . Copper

Copper has been utilized for more than nine millennia. Ancient cultures held high regard for this metal for its antibacterial properties. In fact, the ancient Egyptians  associated copper with the symbol for eternal life, the ankh, which was later also adopted, albeit slightly modified, as a symbol for copper by the ancient Greeks.*Copper is not innately… Continue reading Koper . Copper

Mining and water – Cullinan mine

  Where are all the Councillors of the Metro Tshwane?   An estimated 300 000 people in the East of Pretoria won't have access to running water for the foreseeable future - and who is responsible for that?   Where are the management, the engineers, the plumbers, the health inspectors, etc?    Do those 300 000 pay… Continue reading Mining and water – Cullinan mine