Cuba, Colombia, EU – George Soros (OSF)

George Soros, FARC, Norway, Cuba, the UN, and the European Union. 6 reasons why Colombia cannot declare “Sovereignty” on July 20.  The July 20 celebration parade not only constitutes a vulgar histrionism about the true situation of diplomatic dependence on Colombia, but directly an explicit deception about the famished sovereignty of the territory in the face of… Continue reading Cuba, Colombia, EU – George Soros (OSF)

ANC – Lethuli-house can of worms – “Nyani skeletons” – so-called “apartheid” (segregation) and ‘white privileges”

Can we call it all WAR CRIMES -  the violation of human rights?   that started already with the Anglo Boer Wars  - What on earth can we as Afrikaners and Boers call the following different scenarios that followed?    * “The ANC categorically states that the organisation was not involved, implicated nor approached to answer… Continue reading ANC – Lethuli-house can of worms – “Nyani skeletons” – so-called “apartheid” (segregation) and ‘white privileges”

Classical liberals – SA – IRR – IRV

The "Classical Liberalism in South Africa - Multi-cultural forums and organisations" - die Multi-kulturele liberalisme in Suid-Afrika is nou "klassiek". Watter grondwet is in 1994 "onderhandel" - dis op die tafel van die kommuniste vandag - lees dit saam met hul 1955 radikale "freedom charter" .   Hoe verdedig mens hoegenaamd ‘n FW de klerk… Continue reading Classical liberals – SA – IRR – IRV


Protest actions in South Africa,- even Parliament and the Constitution (FW de Klerk and Codesa negotiations) were and still are funded by Soros and his Open Society in SA, started also with Black Sach where Zille and her mother were involved.   He and his so-called societies are involved in SA since and before 1980. “Atlas… Continue reading OPEN SOCIETY: SOROS FUNDING