South African and world “tsunami”s

* An observation of all the corruptions, captures, crime and killings are that different countries, their governments and some organisations are all sinking ships.    It will end up in a huge tsunami all over.     There is no such thing as 'global warming' or the endless pollution problems, it is man-made and state captures,… Continue reading South African and world “tsunami”s

Nersa approves Tshwane’s proposal to 13.07%

Nersa supported to increase electricity as they wish in the Pretoria area?  Increases all over.    Eskom managers did not show any competency and now Government want to grab the pension funds too to "bail them out" - pension funds "bi-bi".   Government want to grab the old age people's funds and those that contributed for… Continue reading Nersa approves Tshwane’s proposal to 13.07%

Sabotasie – brande – terroristiese dade

So van brande gepraat - enige persoon wat 'n ander eiendom vernietig met brande, is niks anders as 'n terroris nie.    Beweeg maar net op ons geskiedenis terug, dan word daar by die britse kolonies uitgekom voor daar 'n Suid-Afrika was.  Veral tydens die Anglo boere oorlog was ons voorouers net so verniel en… Continue reading Sabotasie – brande – terroristiese dade