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They are always using every excuse in the book at Eskom and their own failures.  This is human rights violations against every resident as well as business in the country that tries to take make use of Eskom’s power supply.    The ANC, which controls Eskom, makes it worse every day to strip the entire country’s people and businesses of human dignity.    With Andre De Ruyter out of the way at Eskom, things have not improved around all the power stations and services that are supposed to be delivered on time .   An article that appeared in Biznews on 21 September 2022 reported specific information regarding Eskom’s astronomical increases and the payment as well as extra bonuses for their staff.

Eskom is turning out the lights in South Africa | The Economist


The World Bank reported that Eskom is 66% overstaffed. Salaries for 27,543 surplus staff amount to R1,3772 billion per annum. Cofesa calls for rationalising Eskom’s staff complement. It is cruel to raise tariffs and impose levies for a population where 45% suffers from hunger and 35% are unemployed. Raising tariffs in flames unrest.

‘It is immoral to burden the public, captives of a government energy monopoly, with exorbitant tariffs after decades of mismanagement. Why should consumers (which includes the poor) bear the cost of poor management decisions and lavish salaries for a bloated workforce? Instead, modernise by rationalising Eskom’s staff complement to pay off its debt and fast track privatising energy generation’.

The World Bank estimated that Eskom should optimally have 9596 employees for Transmission and Distribution and 4684 for Generation, for a total 14,244. In contrast, Eskom employed 41,787 employees, implying that 66%  (27 543 ) of the total existing staff are surplus. Eskom pays its employees an average of R468,033 a year.  Salaries for 27 543 surplus staff amounts to R1 3771.5 billion per annum (plus benefits). Eskom’s debt amounts to R400 billion rand ($24.32 billion). Eskom cannot afford to service their debt without government bailouts.

In September 2022 our oversized government structures were rated even worse at 117th out of 165 countries by the international team of the World Economic Freedom Report  indicative of our economic decline.    Government interference in the economy through government enterprises and investment is far too great and weakens both economic freedom and the dynamism of the private sector. An oversized government interferes in economic activities and creates opportunities for corruption and bribe .   Consequently downsizing government will reduce costs and enable tax reduction’ they have noted.



Eskom dienste 2023

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Sabotasie – skending van menseregte

Loadshedding has been arriving several years back, not just now.   De Ruyter should not feel bad about all these attacks against him. It already started in Thabo Mbeki and Mandela’s time. The twinkling eyes there from the WEF environment were already at work. It started after 1994 and even before that, in all local authorities as well. Nothing strange, but a lot of blackmail and manipulation that took place.   Read more:

15 jaar PLUS beurtkrag onder ANC

It was previously stated that Mantashe accused De Ruyter of sabotage as Phase 6 load shedding gripped the country. Go back in load shedding history, it has nothing to do with De Ruyter. South Africa has had almost 200 days of continuous power outages this year. Eskom did not communicate a daily status update for days. In November, De Ruyter was called a “policeman” who did not have what it took to manage the utility.

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