RSA ports – lockdown

Previous concerns about the availability of containers and slow loading operations in some ports are materialising as the South African citrus and apple industries are moving into their peak shipping period.   Sources in logistics circles say that the South African industry will have to take whatever measures it can to safeguard the markets it has… Continue reading RSA ports – lockdown

Informal fruit trade sector – Corona lockdown

Gewone besighede moet hul deure sluit, veral die klein sakesektor wat ook 'n groot hoeveelheid arbeid gebruik om te werk.  Mag hierdie werkers dus ook nie meer 'n bestaan maak om te oorleef nie.    Enige besigheid wat in bedryf is, is juis geskep, sommige al vir etlike dekades, sodat werkers ook 'n inkomste kan… Continue reading Informal fruit trade sector – Corona lockdown

Corona – 19 kissie

Daar is iets verskuil, en ons weet dit almal.  Vind uit wat is in die "Corona kissie" (Pandora) * Lockdown of countries, businesses and economy.    Control of all governments and peoples.   World Economic Forum played their role as well.   Read and listen. > READ THIS AS WELL TOGETHER WITH VIDEOS   * IS… Continue reading Corona – 19 kissie

Potassium iodide and Radiation

Potassium iodide is a chemical compound, medication, and dietary supplement. As a medication it is used to treat hyperthyroidism, in radiation emergencies, and to protect the thyroid gland when certain types of radiopharmaceuticals are used.  Potassium Iodate tablets are used at the time of a nuclear emergency; the tablets stop the thyroid gland (situated in your… Continue reading Potassium iodide and Radiation

Lock down food parcel corruption South Africa

  This also happened with the RDP houses the current 26 years and what happened with the moneys, the Gupta and State capture, all the other scandals, arms deals, corruption with tenders, etc.   Now in lockdown.  The Government of the day, ANC, since 1994, promised to deal “harshly” with people who may be suspected of… Continue reading Lock down food parcel corruption South Africa

Export to China and Japan

White small businesses and companies that are not essensial, are not allowed to work since the lock down,    But, in the meantime, special agreements were on the table during this lock down, to export fresh fruit products to China and Japan.  China is responsible for the virus, it came from their country, not from… Continue reading Export to China and Japan