Orania onderwyser – statutêre verkragting – opinies #StatutoryRape

It has been reported by TimesLive that a student teacher at a school in the town is a wanted man, after allegedly committing statutory rape against one of the underage students. Carel Boshoff, a representative for Orania, told the publication that a SAPS investigation is now underway.    Carel Boshoff van Orania teenoor die media bevestig het… Continue reading Orania onderwyser – statutêre verkragting – opinies #StatutoryRape


#CarteBlanche: School of Shattered Dreams #TebogoKgobokoe #Lesufi #HRC

  TEBOGO KGOBOKOE - Some Carte Blanche segments in the video at the dancing academy are hard to watch and not for sensitive viewers.      Carte Blanche looked into what’s been happening at a well-known dance academy based in Gauteng is pretty jarring.     The police are still conducting their investigation, so the charges remain unproven,… Continue reading #CarteBlanche: School of Shattered Dreams #TebogoKgobokoe #Lesufi #HRC

Krugerdag – 10 Oktober – Kruger Day

  On the photo it is Paul Kruger with members of his family (including his daughter Elsje Eloff and her family) at Oranjelust, Utrecht, the Netherlands in 1902.      He was the president of the ZAR (old Transvaal) before the British empire annexed the land for themselves.    Kruger Day was first celebrated in 1882,… Continue reading Krugerdag – 10 Oktober – Kruger Day

Op die Gelderland – Paul Kruger

  Last surviving ship of a class of 6 socalled "Pantserdekschepen", derived from the British Apollo-class.    The Gelderland served as artillery training ship until 1939 when she was decommissioned on August 24 1939 and laid up. Noord Brabant commenced service as accommodation ship in 1926. Wie het Paul Kruger gehelp? Wilhelmina Helena Pauline Maria (Den Haag, 31… Continue reading Op die Gelderland – Paul Kruger

Paul Kruger se dae in die vreemde – 10 Oktober

Hy was welbekend - nie net in die ou ZAR nie, maar ook in ander lande, soos Nederland.  Dalk vir baie 'n vreemde ervaring, maar vir sommiges nie.  Monumente en kransleggings wys dat Paul Kruger wel 'n geliefde persoon was.   Heelwat burgers het geweet dat Paul Krüger oorsee gegaan het.     Dit was egter nie… Continue reading Paul Kruger se dae in die vreemde – 10 Oktober

George Soros – Open Society Foundation

Dr Steve Turley made a video of George Soros and his Open Society Foundation  that was banned from 6 well-known nations.  Philippines, Russia, Poland, Turkey, Hungary, Pakistan.   Hope there are more countries that will follow soon and ban all liberal organisations and foundations of Soros as well as all the family members as well, from… Continue reading George Soros – Open Society Foundation