Road Accident Fund (RAF)

  South African Airways, Denel and Eskom are not the only state entities in a fiscal mess.   The Road Accident Fund (RAF) brought an urgent application in the Pretoria High Court during December 2019 against the Sheriff of Centurion East, Absa Bank and 346 claimants that have in the last six weeks sent the sheriff… Continue reading Road Accident Fund (RAF)

Crime in South Africa

  Shamila Batohi (NPA head) describes a criminal justice system buckling in the face of rising crime and dismally low prosecution rates.   South Africa's Law enforcement  has collapsed.   Aside from the fact that fewer criminals are being caught, the country’s regional and district courts appear to have ground to a standstill. "There is no money"… Continue reading Crime in South Africa

Bangor International Airport emergency landing – 13 January 2020

  Bangor International Airport has emerged as Maine's friendly, convenient airport, and the best choice for getting to and from the Bangor region. With competitive airfares, and the lowest fees for services, such as parking, Bangor ensures the smartest travel choice.   Passengers notice the difference at one of the fastest growing regional airports in the… Continue reading Bangor International Airport emergency landing – 13 January 2020

Eskom: IPPP: B-BBEE- Karen Breytenbach

  KARÉN BREYTENBACH was previously with the National Treasury, Public Private Partnership Unit and is currently in the IPP Office, a partnership between the Department of Energy, National Treasury and the Development Bank of Southern Africa. Karén has extensive experience in the procurement of large scale infrastructure projects.  As Head of the IPP Office, Karén… Continue reading Eskom: IPPP: B-BBEE- Karen Breytenbach

Eskom is a failure – Eskom se wiele is pap en leeggesuig

  Eskom is not too big to fail – it has already failed. The issue now is how we deal with this. There is an urgent need for constructive, pragmatic efforts, free of ideological constraints and dogma, to end generation capacity shortages and load-shedding in South Africa in the short- and medium-term.    Who are… Continue reading Eskom is a failure – Eskom se wiele is pap en leeggesuig

Abiy Ahmed Ali and Cyril Ramaphosa

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali on an Official Visit to South Africa on invitation of President Cyril Ramaphosa.   Cyril Ramaphosa has given assurances to Ethiopian Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed that Ethiopians living in South Africa will be protected against any forms of attacks in the country.   Ramaphosa was briefing the media following a… Continue reading Abiy Ahmed Ali and Cyril Ramaphosa