Ramaphosa – 2020 – New Dawn – NWO

  Dit het minder as 25 jaar geneem om te besef dat al ons blankes se menseregte geskend is.  Liberale blankes het saam met die kommuniste gepaste wetgewings opgestel.   Dis 100% duidelik wat Soros en die ander liberaliste beplan het - alle onderhandelinge het buite ons land plaasgevind.  Om ons totaal en al te verarm… Continue reading Ramaphosa – 2020 – New Dawn – NWO

Vroue inspirasie – Women inspiration

Elkeen van ons, vroulik, manlik, kind en volwassene, het 'n ander siening oor inspirasie, veral met die oë gerig persoonlike ervaring wat hul dryfveer is vir 'n beter toekoms.  Inspirasie vir geleerdheid en ervaring is belangrik vir enige persoon se ontwikkeling en toekoms.  Sonder kennis en die nodige ervaring is ons egter magteloos.  Elkeen geregtig… Continue reading Vroue inspirasie – Women inspiration

Basic Education Employment Initiative or BEEI

  The Department of Basic Education (DBE) is aware of the non-payment of some General as well as Education Assistants employed as part of the Basic Education Employment Initiative or BEEI.    Basic Education Department committed to ensuring payments of General and Education Assistants are concluded.  From December 2020 to March 2021.   More information about this.… Continue reading Basic Education Employment Initiative or BEEI

SA Education failed

Min of geen verantwoordelikheid bestaan op die vlak in Suid-Afrika, terwyl dit belastingpligtiges is wat aan die kortste end trek.  Dit is baie duidelik dat die onderwys en veral die polisie owerhede nie die nodige reëlings getref het om skole meer te beveilig nie, hetsy dit nou vakansie is of in die tyd waar daar… Continue reading SA Education failed

Nuremberg codes … SA Constitution – Grondwet

What is in the 1996 Constitution of South Africa.   The Bill of Rights sets out the fundamental rights of all South Africans, including the right to dignity and the right to equality. The Bill of Rights also states when rights may be limited.Word burgers se regte beskerm of nie?   Dit gaan nie net oor die… Continue reading Nuremberg codes … SA Constitution – Grondwet

Monaco Principality and South Africa – Rhinoceros

  In South Africa, a rhino is killed for its horn every 22 hours.   One of the reasons why the Princess Charlene of Monaco and Thanda Foundation Trust have decided to dehorn these animals as part of their conservation work with the “Project Rhino”. In doing so, they hope to protect this threatened species for… Continue reading Monaco Principality and South Africa – Rhinoceros

Hybrid animals and plants

  During May 2021,  some opinions were expressed by scientists regarding crosses or "hybrid animals" as well as different plant species where crossings may have taken place (by Ashley Yeager). Hybrid animals in the wild were extremely rare and therefore not catalysts of evolutionary innovation. Some biologists have been studying these phenomena in nature in… Continue reading Hybrid animals and plants

2021 Billionaires

The April 2021 Forbes annual billionaires list includes a record-breaking 2,755 billionaires, with the plutocrats bringing a combined fortune of $13.1-trillion (about R188.7-trillion at the time of writing), up from $8-trillion on the 2020 list. About 493 people joined the rich list.  (DM) * Last year, the four South African billionaires who made the cut… Continue reading 2021 Billionaires

Affirmative Action law – Regstellende aksie wetgewing

Temba A Nolutshungu wrote recently an article about affirmative action policies that are politically, economically and morally bankrupt.      He stated how tragic it is that black people themselves are complicit in this morally egregious, economically irrational and demonstrably counterproductive policy. * TEMBA wrote “It is self-destructive for any society to create a situation… Continue reading Affirmative Action law – Regstellende aksie wetgewing

Wetgewings SEB-RA : B-BBEE-EE legislations

  Dis nie net die SA Parlement, wat uit verskeie politieke partye bestaan, soms wat mekaar steun om wetgewing te implementeer.  Die SAKP-PAC-ANC-EFF-IVP-DA regering is ondersteuners van swart bemagtiging en regstelaksie teenoor blankes .  Dit het reeds in 1986-89 in Dakar ontstaan (Idasa).   Wanneer daar interaksie tussen politici in parlement is, word nie net vuiste… Continue reading Wetgewings SEB-RA : B-BBEE-EE legislations

Submission by Solidarity 14 May 2003 in Parliament

  Sometimes there is a lack of knowledge in our own communities.   Only a few people know what is going on in Hansards, Legislations or White papers of SA Parliament - some only read (liberal) newspapers.   Minutes and legislations may be decades old, but have a great impact on our lives.    Conservative and liberal… Continue reading Submission by Solidarity 14 May 2003 in Parliament

Wetgewings B-BBEE-EE legislations

  Sedert 1994 word al ons blankes se menseregte geskend, net omdat daar wit pigmente oor ons lyf geklee is.   Hoe minderwaardig moet meerderhede swart ea sowel blanke liberale/ klassieke liberale nie voel om verskillende nasionale wetgewings van parlement SA te laat implementeer sodat ons blankes nie mag deelneem aan enige ekonomie of vooruitgang in… Continue reading Wetgewings B-BBEE-EE legislations

African lakes and fishes – Cichlid fishes-Tropiese visse

  In 1890, at the height of the European scramble for colonies in Africa, Britain and Germany divided Lake Victoria at 1° south latitude, with the southern portion allotted to Germany, the northern portion to Britain.  Lake Victoria - Victoria Nyanza, is the largest lake in Africa and the second largest body of fresh water… Continue reading African lakes and fishes – Cichlid fishes-Tropiese visse

Lake Victoria – Africa

Before the 1960's, the lake had had high fish species diversity of more than 500 fish species, mostly local cichlids, carps, and minnows, but these were reduced to less than 300 species after the Nile perch was introduced, which caused a decrease in the clearness of the water.  The lake generates over 150 million dollars… Continue reading Lake Victoria – Africa

Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng

  According to Nathi Mncube, the spokesperson for the judiciary, regulations promulgated in terms of the Judges’ Remuneration and Conditions of Employment Act 2001 provide for judges to take leave of three and a half months for every period of four years’ actual service from 1 May 2021.  * This is not Khampepe's first time… Continue reading Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng

SA harbours – Hawens in SA

  Is the road, rail and port transport too much for all the black empowerment officials to handle and is it a much easier option to claim there was a hijacking of their systems to stop import and exports, to make sure food is part of that.  They all knew what was in that containers. … Continue reading SA harbours – Hawens in SA

Co-incidences – Toevallighede

  According to a statement by the South African Meat Processors Association (Sampa) and the South African Association of Meat Importers & Exporters (Amie SA), there are currently 290 temperature-controlled ‘reefer’ containers that require an urgent cold storage remedy, with more containers en route from international markets set to offload at the Durban port.  *… Continue reading Co-incidences – Toevallighede