High levels of Violence in SA – July 2021 ongoing

What needs to happen is that the ANC, the ruling party and the others, like EFF have to take responsibility for the violence and the destroyed businesses, burnt shopping centres and houses.  Members of parliament and those leaders behind this arsons and violence must take responsibility for the terrorist actions.   The ANC must take the… Continue reading High levels of Violence in SA – July 2021 ongoing

Feedback – Richards Bay “Amapara”

  September 2019  - Feedback regarding the violence in Richards Bay that took place the last couple of weeks -  suspects were arrested, have appeared in court but released on bail.    Kortliks, daar was 'n paar mense wat in hegtenis geneem is, hulle was in die howe en is ook weer op borg vrygelaat… Continue reading Feedback – Richards Bay “Amapara”