Protesting at Marikana 2012

Justice for Marikana should be criminal liability for those that are involved; Ramaphosa, Lonmin and the state. It should be the mining company making sure there is better housing, sanitation, better education, and that there are better roads in Marikana.    Thirty-four mineworkers were killed on 16 August 2012, when police opened fire on them.   Ten… Continue reading Protesting at Marikana 2012

Ramaphosa – Marikana

What happened to the 11 security guards and others of the mine that were killed that day at Marikana and who killed them?  It is now nine years after police gunned down 34 Marikana mineworkers, President Cyril Ramaphosa maintains that complexities have prevented him from visiting the victims' families.    Ramaphosa said while the issue… Continue reading Ramaphosa – Marikana

National debt of SA 18 March 2019

Our national debt just went through the R3 trillion mark today. Each man,woman and child owes R55 276 000! Our interest we pay is now R170bn per annum. *** PLAASAANVALLE PLAASMOORDE Headed to the Netherlands - raising a cry for the beautiful white farmers of South Africa. Cruelly bludgeoned, blow torched & murdered on… Continue reading National debt of SA 18 March 2019

Mandela and Soros

'n Foto van Mandela en George Soros, gemaklik aan die praat oor wat in Suid-Afrika gedoen moet word.   Dis waar, die parlement is van oorname af  deur die man Soros se organisasies beheer, hy is een van die finansiers.  Zille natuurlik het meegehelp hierin, want sy en Ramaphela werk dan vir Open Society Foundation.   Hoe… Continue reading Mandela and Soros