Fifteen key points on the ANC manifesto

  Want to know what the ANC is offering voters in municipalities where they get to govern after the August 3 elections? We digested the party’s manifesto in 15 easy steps for you. The ANC will continue to be led by the Constitution, which also stipulates socioeconomic rights - mostly delivered by local government. Communities… Continue reading Fifteen key points on the ANC manifesto

National debt of SA 18 March 2019

Our national debt just went through the R3 trillion mark today. Each man,woman and child owes R55 276 000! Our interest we pay is now R170bn per annum. *** PLAASAANVALLE PLAASMOORDE Headed to the Netherlands - raising a cry for the beautiful white farmers of South Africa. Cruelly bludgeoned, blow torched & murdered on… Continue reading National debt of SA 18 March 2019

VF +++ multi-kultuur

Hieroor verkies konserwatiewe Afrikaners, Boere en Blankes om vir 'n volksparty te steun wat vir ons eie selfbeskikking, ons eie onafhanklike gebied(e) voorsiening maak - ons eie onafhanklike land.  Stem vir Front Nasionaal en selfbeskikking om te verseker ons kinders en nageslagte het nie net paar bouvalle om te gaan skuil nie, waar eens fondasies… Continue reading VF +++ multi-kultuur