South African Pension funds and NHI – Capture in making – Nationalisation

  WHERE IS OUR FREEDOM OF ASSOCIATION AND CHOICES - with the pension funds, the planned NHI and B-BBEE is racism and discrimination to all the white minority people in South Africa.   Ramaphosa has said government will pursue policies in the interests of South Africans, and pension fund holders.    This is part of their… Continue reading South African Pension funds and NHI – Capture in making – Nationalisation

Farm flipping in South Africa

Om persone op 'n verhoog te plaas, goeie produktiewe grond te skenk, maak nie van hulle suksesvolle sakemanne en boere nie.   'n Persoon wat van die straat afkomstig is, met geen opleiding of liefde vir 'n spesifieke taak, kan nie net oornag in 'n suksesvolle sakeman of vrou ontaard nie.  Nog minder 'n boer word. … Continue reading Farm flipping in South Africa

National debt of SA 18 March 2019

Our national debt just went through the R3 trillion mark today. Each man,woman and child owes R55 276 000! Our interest we pay is now R170bn per annum. *** PLAASAANVALLE PLAASMOORDE Headed to the Netherlands - raising a cry for the beautiful white farmers of South Africa. Cruelly bludgeoned, blow torched & murdered on… Continue reading National debt of SA 18 March 2019