Grense SA, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Namibië, Mosambiek, Zambië

* Grensbakens, drade of mure,  wat eens was in die suidelike Afrika streek was, word selde of ooit onderhou.   Dit word eenvoudig deur misdadigers van aangrensende lande afgesteel en totaal afgebreek.   Suid-Afrika se grense is oop vir almal en is 'n totale klugstorie of sirkus vir elkeen wat wil binnekom.   Dienste, skole, hospitale en selfs… Continue reading Grense SA, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Namibië, Mosambiek, Zambië

Farmer Martin Grobler – Zimbabwe

"We didn't expect this. We had no notice. I would have liked a few days to pack properly, but they are just carrying everything out, nothing is packed. They are taking everything out and putting it outside the gate. We have no plan. We don't know where we are going." Grobler's eviction comes soon after… Continue reading Farmer Martin Grobler – Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe – food insecurity disaster

When you look at the video material about Zimbabwe and food shortages, it is certainly not dry, but it is not generalizable - maybe it is only in one area. The environment is extremely green there, or is it something else sitting behind that makes people even more "dependent" on other countries' food - Zimbabwe… Continue reading Zimbabwe – food insecurity disaster

Zimbabwe Land reform – revolution

Same happened all over - in South Africa as well , it is all the way on the same road as Zimbabwe.   Some Reserves became also Homelands and Trustlands, all British colonies.  We also have Trustlands and CPA's in place - communal property rights.   What happened to food security in Zimbabwe and also all other… Continue reading Zimbabwe Land reform – revolution

Mugabe Funeral

  Mugabe's family met with President Emmerson Mnangagwa on Thursday afternoon to discuss funeral arrangements.    The family of Robert Mugabe said the former Zimbabwean President would not be buried on Sunday and as a family, they want a private funeral.   Mugabe's family met with President Emmerson Mnangagwa on Thursday afternoon to discuss funeral arrangements.   Mugabe died in… Continue reading Mugabe Funeral

Mugabe Zimbabwe died

Lees die berigte hoe hierdie persoon en leier knaend in oorsese EERSTE wêreld lande mediese behandeling ondergaan het om 95 jaar oud te word.   Hy was al menige kere in Suid-Afrika vir mediese sorg, wonder hoeveel hy betaal het daarvoor?   Sou hy dit nie gedoen het en ook van eie hospitale, wat tot niet is,… Continue reading Mugabe Zimbabwe died

Ebola – Mozambique – Malawi – DRCongo

  AND OUR BORDERS ARE OPEN TO ALL THOSE FROM AFRICA Mozambique has yet to report an Ebola case, but DRC’s regional neighbours have been on high alert while the World Health Organization (WHO) has elevated the crisis to a global health emergency.   Mozambique on Saturday set up disease checkpoints along its border with Malawi… Continue reading Ebola – Mozambique – Malawi – DRCongo

Zimbabwe – Orphans – Aids and hunger

Whose fault is the whole situation in Zimbabwe and with all the illegals and immigrants in South Africa, we are not far behind them today?  EU and other countries will go the same route as Zimbabwe.   Will be interesting to know how many  people of Zimbabwe (immigrants) (or other African countries) are here in South… Continue reading Zimbabwe – Orphans – Aids and hunger

Zimbabwe – “bread basket” into a “basket case” ~~~ No farmer – No food

Land grabs are also happening in other African countries.   ZIMBABWE too!   It is a serious point to destroy food security as well, is happening here in SA too.  It is real - No farmer - No food.    What will happen if people attack and kill all farmers?   Farmers have a right to defend themselves. … Continue reading Zimbabwe – “bread basket” into a “basket case” ~~~ No farmer – No food

Zimbabwe – land invasions 2014 – 2009

  South Africa is doing the same as the leaders in Zimbabwe - set their own rules to grab land.   Destroy houses and businesses.   Here are a few articles of their past on land grabs. Zimbabwe – Orphans – Aids and hunger Zimbabwe – “bread basket” into a “basket case” ~~~ No farmer – No… Continue reading Zimbabwe – land invasions 2014 – 2009

ISS – Institute for Security studies – Zimbabwe

The ISS is grateful for support from the following members of the ISS Partnership Forum: the Hanns Seidel Foundation, the European Union and the governments of Australia, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and the USA. ZIMBABWE - LAND REFORM, PROPERTY RIGHTS, INVESTMENT AND CORRUPTION SECURITY STUDIES - ZIMBABWE Top view > Zimbabwe… Continue reading ISS – Institute for Security studies – Zimbabwe