Africa topography – Nasa

The topography of the African continent is characterized by large-scale extensional features such as the East African Rift, widespread volcanic activity, and anomalously subsided basins and uplifted domes. These enigmatic surface features have long suggested that the African continent is shaped by significant dynamic forcing originating in the underlying mantle* 2014 Transcript: The Shuttle Radar… Continue reading Africa topography – Nasa

Fire in earth in Africa too

Dit is nie net in die Ring van Vuur waar brandpunte op aarde voorkom nie, maar ook in Afrika en ander gebiede.   Die AFAR depressie het oor eeue reeds begin vorm aanneem.   Dis nog al die jare daar en met nuwe tegnologie wys dit waar daar rooi warm brandpunte vorm, wat na bo stoot as… Continue reading Fire in earth in Africa too

Somali Plate – Tectonic history

  Quotes from articles by Ashten Sawitsky.    The African-Somali euler rotation poles has been estimated in various different locations near the Antarctic region. The first two positions of the euler rotation axis did not incorporate microplates and therefore were inaccurately placed father south (Emerick and Duncan, 1982) (Jesten et al., 1994). The most recent… Continue reading Somali Plate – Tectonic history