ZIMBABWE There are also different ethnic groups in Zimbabwe and all the countries have the same problems, with tribal fights against each other, like in South Africa. Zimbabwe het ook keuses gehad, nes ons vandag.  Die vraag is , gaan ons opstaan vir ons volksregte om op ons eie voort te bestaan, of gaan ons… Continue reading Zimbabwe


Russia-Zimbabwe military base

During its recent meetings in Russia, the President, Vladimir Putin, has reportedly set his eyes on opening a Russian strategic military base in Zimbabwe, as Moscow ratchets up her new foreign policy in Africa spearheaded by a rash of military cooperation and arms deals across the continent.   President Emmerson Mnangagwa, said to have reached out… Continue reading Russia-Zimbabwe military base

Zimbabwe-Russia Platinum (more platinum than Russia)

  Zimbabwe has bigger platinum reserves than Russia, requires $5bn.  ZIMBABWE has far bigger platinum reserves than Russia and the capital-intensive mining sector requires $5,3 billion and predictable policies to stimulate platinum output, the Chamber of Mines of Zimbabwe (CMZ) has said. According to a report seen by this paper, CMZ in 2013 already, it… Continue reading Zimbabwe-Russia Platinum (more platinum than Russia)

Zimbabwe-Russia Darwendale project

Great Dyke Investments  (GDI) , last year contracted DRA to carry out  a feasibility study  on its $3 billion Darwendale  platinum project. The Darwendale project is one of the major investments in Zimbabwe in over three decades.    The studies have been completed and there is a team now looking into the the key components of the report,… Continue reading Zimbabwe-Russia Darwendale project

Russia, Zimbabwe and minerals

Negotiations since 2012 already.  Zimbabwe is reportedly in talks with Russia for the supply of military helicopters in exchange for platinum deposits. In 2014, Zimbabwe concluded an arms-for-platinum deal with Russia worth a reported $3bn, bypassing both a European arms embargo and its lack of hard currency to swap rights to the Darwendale platinum concession… Continue reading Russia, Zimbabwe and minerals

Zimbabwe a Russian colony??

Zimbabwe in Economic crisis - various agreements were signed between the leaders Some video's said Zimbabwe is a Russian colony?? 20 January 2019 President Emmerson Mnangagwa visited Russia as part of a roadshow to attract investment to Zimbabwe. He signed a number of agreements with the Russian government as well as some private players. 15… Continue reading Zimbabwe a Russian colony??