Grense SA, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Namibië, Mosambiek, Zambië

* Grensbakens, drade of mure,  wat eens was in die suidelike Afrika streek was, word selde of ooit onderhou.   Dit word eenvoudig deur misdadigers van aangrensende lande afgesteel en totaal afgebreek.   Suid-Afrika se grense is oop vir almal en is 'n totale klugstorie of sirkus vir elkeen wat wil binnekom.   Dienste, skole, hospitale en selfs… Continue reading Grense SA, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Namibië, Mosambiek, Zambië

Fjord in Namibia

Fjords are long, deep, and narrow glacially carved estuaries that were occupied by outlet glaciers. They play a dramatic role in ice-sheet stability (i.e., drainage and ablation), are sensitive to climate change during icehouse periods, and act as important sediment sinks (Syvitski et al., 1987; Bennett, 2003; Kessler et al., 2008; Briner et al., 2009; Moon et al., 2018)… Continue reading Fjord in Namibia

Paleofjords of Namibia 

One who looks at these valleys has a snapshot of what the fjords looked like 300 million years ago, except that the ice here has long disappeared was stated by Pierre Dietrich, a scientist at University of Rennes and lead author of the study published in Geology. * Some of the region’s U-shaped “fossil fjords”… Continue reading Paleofjords of Namibia 

The Caprivi strip

  Caprivi, sometimes called the Caprivi Strip (in German: Caprivizipfel), Caprivi Panhandle or the Okavango Strip and formally known as Itenge, is a narrow protrusion of Namibia eastwards about 450 km (280 miles), between Botswana on the south, Angola and Zambia to the north, and Okavango Region to the west.   Caprivi is bordered by the Okavango, Kwando,… Continue reading The Caprivi strip