History, cultures and minerals of Afghanistan

The name of Afghanistan was given by the British – designed to divide the people of Khorasan and weaken them through promoting the idea that the land is Pashtun land & that its language should be Pashto. Afghanistan means the ‘Land of Afghans, Awghan, Pathans or Pashtoons also spelt as Pashtuns. These names are variants… Continue reading History, cultures and minerals of Afghanistan

Multi-ethnic people of Afghanistan

The population of Afghans consist of 42 percent of Pashtuns, followed by 27 percent of Tajiks and nine percent Hazara.   The total population of Afghanistan is currently around 33 million.    Daar word beraam daar is sowat 33 miljoen Afghans in die land is   Dit word in verskeie etniese volke verdeel, nes hier in Suid-Afrika… Continue reading Multi-ethnic people of Afghanistan

Panjshir Valley – Afghanistan

  The Resistance Forces blew up a mountain in the area of the Danah after thousands of Taliban terrorists entered Panjshir, and they were trapped inside the valley. The Taliban terrorists are surrounded in the Dasht-e-Rivet area and all their vehicles and equipment have been left behind because of the mountain blast. The Taliban is still in… Continue reading Panjshir Valley – Afghanistan

Afghanistan – Treasures of the past

  Archaeology and the preservation of Afghanistan’s heritage is a subject that is generally absent from popular knowledge in the United States, even after more than a decade of deep U.S. involvement in the country.     After years of war and the economic scarcity have left on Afghanistan’s historical landscape, the country is chock full… Continue reading Afghanistan – Treasures of the past

Afghanistan – Minerals and Treasures

DISCOVERED AGAINST THE turbulent backdrop of the Cold War, the Tillya Tepe treasure is a glittering assemblage consisting of thousands of golden pieces from all over the ancient world. In 1978, a year before the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan, Russian archaeologist Viktor Ivanovich Sarianidi began digging at the Tillya Tepe site in northern Afghanistan, which archaeologists… Continue reading Afghanistan – Minerals and Treasures

Afghanistan war

  After 18 years of war, thousands of lives lost, and hundreds of billions of dollars squandered, the United States accomplished precisely nothing.    From 1996 to 2001, the Taliban held power over roughly three quarters of Afghanistan, and enforced there a strict interpretation of Sharia, or Islamic law. The Taliban emerged in 1994 as one of… Continue reading Afghanistan war