RDP – HOP housing scheme – title deeds

Various political leaders, including the president of the country made on various occasions accusations and statements that blacks do not have property or any property rights, while it is not the truth.    Some media articles reported in 2018 already while title deeds were issued/handed over.    “A title deed is very important document as… Continue reading RDP – HOP housing scheme – title deeds

99 Leasehold (99 jaar Pag stelsel)

  Properties are of two or even more kinds — freehold property and leasehold property. While the former refers to properties that are "free from hold" of any other entity except the owner for an indefinite period, the latter are properties usually leased for a period, commonly for 99 years from the time of construction. But, why the unusual… Continue reading 99 Leasehold (99 jaar Pag stelsel)