Mining – Salt, Coal and Charcoal

* Around 181.5 million tons of global salt production, around 5 million tons is produced in Africa. Salt production techniques in many Sub-Saharan African countries are conventional and in some areas primitive.  Rock salt is mined in its solid form, whereas sea salt is produced by evaporating seawater. In the production of table salt, the… Continue reading Mining – Salt, Coal and Charcoal

Johannesburg – Egoli-Goud – Witwatersrand

Die natuurskoon rondom ons, veral die boomryke areas, is vir dekades en selfs eeue aangeplant wat verder onderhou word met durf en deursettingsvermoë. Nie almal kan dit bekostig nie, maar bome vra nie baie nie, net liefde en aandag. Bome spring nie vanself in die grond en groei nie. Daar is sommige areas wat dit… Continue reading Johannesburg – Egoli-Goud – Witwatersrand

Illegal immigrants

When immigrants cross so many other neighbouring countries on their way to their so-called "destination" (eg. South Africa), without the necessary papers, visums or passports,  in the first place, they should not have been allowed by those respective countries.    When they eventually reach their "destinations",  there are much more fights between our own people… Continue reading Illegal immigrants

Illegal mining KZN rivers

Reported by the Zululand Observer and South Coast Sun.    Two illegal mining sites were closed down, but the miners have merely moved upriver and it’s business as usual.    Since the media first reported on illegal sand mining on the Illovo River nine years ago, nothing has been done about it until last week. The… Continue reading Illegal mining KZN rivers