Eskom 2019 – Tutuka


Dit was einde 2019 toe die land in ‘n nasionale krisis gedompel was en stadium 6 deel hiervan geword het.   Hoekom is onderhoud op van die kragsentrales gestop, Tutuka en ander spesifiek, om krag te genereer.  Waarom is daar reeds in 2019 toe daar sabotasie en terreurdade aan die man gebring of nodige gedoen of opgevolg nie of nooit aan die boek gebring met die betrokke ministers en selfs president nie.   Daar moet spesifiek van hierdie mense wat skade berokken, verwag word om te betaal vir dade aan besighede en burgers van die land.   Indien persone nie kan of wil onderhoud doen nie, is dit ook sabotasie.  Indien hul vir ‘n sindikaat(e) werksaam is, soos dit wil voorkom, moet hierdie sindikaat(e) ook aangekla en bekendgemaak word.   Daar behoort uiters versigtig tewerk gegaan word om tenders goed te keur hiervoor.

Load shedding now looks inevitable next week, with Eskom's breakdowns worse  than in early December


Tutuka Power station Standerton

Tutuka power station corruption & sabotage

Eskom “stages”

Eskom is a failure – Eskom se wiele is pap en leeggesuig


Eskom COO Jan Oberholzer says police are investigating a case of sabotage and admits that it’s happened at other stations before.

The South African Police Service has launched an investigation into sabotage which took place at the Tutuka Power Station in Mpumalanga.

Fresh claims of sabotage at Eskom emerged on Wednesday when President Cyril Ramaphosa addressed media at the parastatal’s headquarters at Megawatt Park in Sandton.

Ramaphosa held an emergency meeting with ministers and the Eskom board and management to get a grasp of the issues affecting Eskom.


Eskom’s chief operating officer Jan Oberholzer says while the sabotage at Tutuka Power Station was not the primary cause of the load shedding, it did contribute to the situation.

When we initially went into stage 2 load shedding, we lost 10 units. Five of the breakdowns were boiler tube leaks but two of them were two units at Tutuka Power Station where we had the sabotage.

Jan Oberholzer, COO – Eskom

The two units that we lost due to breakdowns were at Tutuka Power Station where we have identified sabotage.

Jan Oberholzer, COO – Eskom

The sabotage has obviously been done by an individual or individuals with full knowledge of the station.

Jan Oberholzer, COO – Eskom

Oberholzer could not provide specific details about the act of sabotage as police are currently looking into the matter.

He has revealed that there have been acts of sabotage at two other power stations in the past.

This is not the first incident, there are some others as well.

Jan Oberholzer, COO – Eskom

According to Oberholzer, Eskom management plans to install more surveillance cameras and additional security measures at all power stations and “critical and strategic assets”.

At the same time, Oberholzer says finger-pointing will not help solve Eskom’s problems.

He has hinted that the Special Investigating Unit (SIU) was targeting those implicated in Eskom’s capacity crisis.

The sabotage was not the root of load-shedding but contributed to it. When load-shedding was implemented, 10 units were lost, he said. Five of the breakdowns were boiler tube leaks, of which two were units at Tutuka power station.


December 2019


President Cyril Ramaphosa wants to explore alternatives to Eskom’s energy monopoly, according to his spokesperson Khusela Diko.

President Cyril Ramaphosa is meeting with Energy Minister Gwede Mantashe and Public Enterprises Minister Pravin Gordhan to deal with the ongoing energy crisis.

Ramaphosa left the country for Egypt that Monday but had to cut his trip short when Eskom announced stage 6 load shedding, causing panic among South Africans. His spokesperson, Khusela Diko, says Ramaphosa was only alerted to the situation after his flight had taken off. He then met with Mantashe to discuss the state of Eskom and alternative energy solutions and supported Mantashe’s move to fast-track renewable energy projects by independent power producers, Diko explains.




Load shedding – which has been described as the biggest threat to South Africa’s ailing economy – is set to be resumed next week if generator breakdowns continue at present levels. 

On Friday Eskom disclosed that breakdowns meant generators capable of 14,096MW in output was offline – slightly less than the 14,200MW in breakdowns it saw on December 9 when the utility implemented load shedding stage 4.

During late December, with unusually low demands on the national grid, breakdowns continued at levels above those seen in the early part of the month, in the lead-up to record levels of electricity rationing, including the previously unheard-of stage 6 on December 9.


Since Ramaphosa promised to turn around the entity in February, Eskom’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) resigned, and the company received a R59 billion state bailout, and plans for it to be split into three were announced.

It had lost additional power generation units during the course of the day on Sunday 8 December 2019, which resulted in unplanned breakdowns increasing to 12,000MW by 19h00.

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