Eskom and his “fake” loadshedding coal contracts

Eskom created “fake” load-shedding to sign R14.5-trillion in coal contracts According to the City Press, which cited a Special Investigating Unit (SIU) report – which was handed to former president Jacob Zuma in 2017, but never officially released. *** 1 - Eskom instituted stage four load shedding today - for the first time in at… Continue reading Eskom and his “fake” loadshedding coal contracts

Eskom – diefstal en onwettige kragdrade

  Eskom theft and illegal electricity.   Actually, they all know exactly what they are doing.    Or maybe, it is people (electricians) from Eskom itself and other electrical businesses to make sure they all get free electricity.    Even those illegal immigrants from Africa do get it for free in the same way.   There are… Continue reading Eskom – diefstal en onwettige kragdrade

Illegal connections and syndicates – Eskom

  An investigation during March 2015 was carried out by the city of Johannesburg uncovered an electricity rigging syndicate that has cost the council around R22-million.   Businesses working together with corrupt council workers have been manipulating accounts so that they pay nothing, while the public forks out more. Is it the tip of the iceberg?… Continue reading Illegal connections and syndicates – Eskom

Illegal electrical connection – theft and corruption

  How to get rid of citizens?  Is to promote  crime, killings, rapes, mass immigrants, mostly illegals -  the  Crime factor is sky high in South Africa and 15% Vat income to government is also free to the government - they allow immigrants and illegals to enter the country with various reasons, they control the… Continue reading Illegal electrical connection – theft and corruption

Onwettiges EN korrupsie by Eskom – sindikate (syndicates)

Verseker word daar in baie areas nie beurtkrag toegepas nie - en moet ons die belastingbetalers daarvoor opdok.   Om iets "af te skryf" beteken dit iemand betaal daarvoor en dis nie die wat dit gesteel het nie.   'n Skreiende skande, dat daar oor die 40-50 miljoen onwettiges en immigrante in hierdie land woon, gratis verblyfreg… Continue reading Onwettiges EN korrupsie by Eskom – sindikate (syndicates)