Yaganathan Pillay and other killings

A parent warned his children not to look out of the window and told his wife to put the volume on the TV louder. He didn’t want them to see the horror that was unfolding in broad daylight.     These are the words of a Durban father, who described the harrowing scenes that played out… Continue reading Yaganathan Pillay and other killings

Yaganathan Pillay – Teddy Mafia (drugs)

Sources say Yaganathan Pillay, commonly known as Teddy Mafia, was shot twice in the head and died shortly after arriving at the Chatsmed hospital in Chatsworth.    Two people have also been beheaded and their bodies burnt on Taurus Street in Shallcross, south of Durban.    Senior-ranking police officers said they feared that Pillay's death could… Continue reading Yaganathan Pillay – Teddy Mafia (drugs)

Tanzania – Hommeltuie – Drones

Heelwat inligting kan verkry word deur gebruik te maak van hommeltuie en moontlik goedkoper as ander metodes.    Dit kan nuttig aangewend word vir misdaad, terreuraanvalle, beveiliging en veiligheid op plase wat redelik groot is of selfs wildsparke.    Hommeltuie kan as hulpmiddel ingespan word om grense behoorlik na te gaan en te beveilig.   Verskeie… Continue reading Tanzania – Hommeltuie – Drones

Farm attacks – killed – February 2020

This was only farm attacks and killings of the White Boer and Afrikaners during February 2020.   Thank you to those that keep our records - it is very important.   To those families that lost somebody, you are in our prayers.     Hierdie statistiek is slegs vir die maand Februarie 2020.   Dankie aan diegene wat die… Continue reading Farm attacks – killed – February 2020

Crime in South Africa

  Shamila Batohi (NPA head) describes a criminal justice system buckling in the face of rising crime and dismally low prosecution rates.   South Africa's Law enforcement  has collapsed.   Aside from the fact that fewer criminals are being caught, the country’s regional and district courts appear to have ground to a standstill. "There is no money"… Continue reading Crime in South Africa

Statistiek – Statistics – Crime/Misdaad

Sosiale netwerke maak dit makliker om inligting te deel,  lees en selfs hulp te verleen soos in armoede of beveiliging.   Vir sommige dalk 'n koue kamer en skouer, maar hulpmiddel beslis en kan nuttig in eie guns gebruik word.   Sommige van ons eie mense staar wel koud, ongevoelig na inligting, ander ervaar simpatieke hartseertrane terwyl… Continue reading Statistiek – Statistics – Crime/Misdaad

Radical economic transformation in South Africa – crime out of hand

  The daily lifes of our citizens, in town, on the roads, in banks - all over on social media.   Hier is net een dag, 'n paar wat gewys is op sosiale media. 28 November 2019 -  CIT robbery on the N1, Hammanskraal. Money truck was bombed open. Several people have been injured.    Isec… Continue reading Radical economic transformation in South Africa – crime out of hand

Vicki Momberg back in prison

  Vicki Momberg will spend the night behind bars.   Momberg appeared in the Randburg magistrate's court on Wednesday. She appeared calm, wearing a black blazer and with her hair tied in a bun.      Her legal representative, advocate Anesh Sukdeo, told the court he was concerned that his client had been brought to court on… Continue reading Vicki Momberg back in prison

Aanvalle-Moorde SEPTEMBER 2019 Attacks-Killings

  What "fights are there against crime in SA"? This government has done absolutely nothing to reduce crime, sex crimes and murder crimes.   Furthermore, government and their agents, receive also 15% VAT on all related crime activities - all extra incomes only to themselves.   The President himself, the Minister of Police, Immigration, Defence Force and… Continue reading Aanvalle-Moorde SEPTEMBER 2019 Attacks-Killings

South African Police Services – reports

  Crime, human trafficking, rape, killings, corruption are just endless.   If government is not going to stop it, nobody will - they allow this.  Open borders are also a fact, and people from all over the world come in South Africa and live here for free, get free land and housing, want free education, if… Continue reading South African Police Services – reports

Steve Cioccolanti – Where are the churches and justice in South Africa?

Steve Cioccolanti asked:  Where are the churches in South Africa?      Where are the Justice system in South Africa?    Especially against the White minority people of South Africa.   Black economic empowerment - racism and discrimination.   Expropriation of property rights against the white minority of South Africa. * "I believe the genocide of whites… Continue reading Steve Cioccolanti – Where are the churches and justice in South Africa?

24 July 2019 – shootout at Weenen

An elderly businessman and his wife were attacked on the morning of 24 July 2019, while at their residential premises in Weenen. It is alleged that three armed suspects accosted the man as he entered his premises and he was assaulted in his garage by two suspects.   The third suspect entered the house and assaulted… Continue reading 24 July 2019 – shootout at Weenen

No control – geen beheer

Dis nie net Kaapstad nie, maar die hele Suid-Afrika wat gebuk gaan onder moorde, geweld en onbeheerde protesaksies - aksies wat die ANC - EFF en ander loods sedert 1994.  Polisie stop geen geweldadige betogings nie, rubberkoeëls skrik niemand af nie.  Die invoer van immigrante wat rondom stede en dorpe plak is in 25 jaar… Continue reading No control – geen beheer

“Red ons plaas” Avondrus, Wes-Kaap

Hierdie aangeleentheid kom 'n geruime tyd aan die gang.  Regering "koop" plase op, naas produktiewe plase.  Dis die regering se hele doelwit, om produktiewe plase te laat verwaarloos met geen voedselsekerheid nie.   Indien die gedeeltes wat opgekoop is, dan vir "plakker" (besetting) doeleindes gebruik kan word, is dit net nog 'n manier van inkomste inbring… Continue reading “Red ons plaas” Avondrus, Wes-Kaap

Virginia Beach – USA – shooting – 13 killed

1 June 2019 - This shooting is not in South Africa but it is an open day to kill - so sad of the lost of lifes and sympathy to all the families and friends, the loved ones.   - Police confirmed Friday (31 May) that 13 people were dead and more than 4 injured in… Continue reading Virginia Beach – USA – shooting – 13 killed

Crime situations in South Africa

Misdaad in Suid-Afrika is duidelik nie onder beheer nie - nie met al die korrupsie, aanrandings en moorde wat soos 'n lamferlap op ons neersak. VEILIGHEID:  Volkslede - Individue en families, word versoek om hulself meer te beskerm en ag te slaan op hul omgewing waar hul hulself bevind, hetsy in 'n winkel, besigheid of… Continue reading Crime situations in South Africa

1-15 March 2019 – Attacks/murders/crime related

1-15 MARCH 2019 17 ATTACKS - 3 MURDERS *** "Victims" FIGHT BACK" --- Victims" FIGHT BACK!  SOUTH AFRICA Every 32 minutes, a motorist is hijacked somewhere in South Africa - that’s a horrifying 46 cars hijacked every day. Hijacking and car theft are, unfortunately, a reality which have to be factored into our daily lives. Here… Continue reading 1-15 March 2019 – Attacks/murders/crime related

Revolution never ended

There is no democracy in South africa.   The ANC revolution has never ended in 1961 nor 1994 - it is still ongoing since their "congress" started.   There are killings, protest actions, internal tribal wars on a daily basis and violation of our people's human rights, which included racism, discrimination (B-BBEE legislations) and other threats like… Continue reading Revolution never ended

The R105 million Menzi question

  What is the real expenditure for those stolen goods?   Could this really add up to R105 million? The primary school was robbed just a week after education MEC Panyaza Lesufi opened the R105m facility and asked Tsakane residents to look after it.    stolen included 185 tablets, eight laptops, two projectors and three desktop… Continue reading The R105 million Menzi question

TAX (expatriates)

During 2017 the  National Treasury and SARS announced to consider major changes in the tax exemption on South African expatriates.   The legislative amendment is  set to come into effect on 1 March 2020.   It states that South African tax residents abroad will be required to pay tax to South Africa of up to 45% of their foreign… Continue reading TAX (expatriates)