Catalonia, Spain (Pere Aragonés)

  Moderate pro-independence leader Pere Aragonés was elected Catalonia's new regional president by the parliament of the northeastern Spanish region.    Aragonés, 38, promised the pro-independence movement that he would demand the region be allowed to hold an independence referendum, which the Spanish government is fiercely opposed to.   Katalonië se nuwe leier is aangewys.   Sukses… Continue reading Catalonia, Spain (Pere Aragonés)

Self-determination – Katalonia

Is this only a "spell", to stop people, where people like in Katalonia want their freedom, they are not allowed to demonstrate, then the police are there and just take their leaders in.   They do not want Katalonia to have their freedom.  If you look at their history, they were a separate country on its… Continue reading Self-determination – Katalonia