Catalonia, Spain (Pere Aragonés)

  Moderate pro-independence leader Pere Aragonés was elected Catalonia's new regional president by the parliament of the northeastern Spanish region.    Aragonés, 38, promised the pro-independence movement that he would demand the region be allowed to hold an independence referendum, which the Spanish government is fiercely opposed to.   Katalonië se nuwe leier is aangewys.   Sukses… Continue reading Catalonia, Spain (Pere Aragonés)

Basque Country – self-determination

  The Basques, which settled on the Franco-Spanish border, are a people who do not have a country that exists as an entity of its own. They are not recognized internationally, but they are unique people.   Their borders are not respected, and their culture is repressed. The history of the Basque Country is one of… Continue reading Basque Country – self-determination

Self-determination – Katalonia

Is this only a "spell", to stop people, where people like in Katalonia want their freedom, they are not allowed to demonstrate, then the police are there and just take their leaders in.   They do not want Katalonia to have their freedom.  If you look at their history, they were a separate country on its… Continue reading Self-determination – Katalonia

Catalonia – self-determination (full sovereignty

What is freedom  for people to have in life - is to enjoy life, all people have an international human right to rule themselves, independently.  International professors criticize Spain’s attitude towards Catalan self-determination.   Expert Liah Greenfeld claims it is not up to Spanish authorities to decide if people of Catalonia express wish to become a… Continue reading Catalonia – self-determination (full sovereignty

Catalonia wants independence from Spain

  All people have an international human right to freedom and to rule themselves. 16 October 2019 - The third day of protests for the freedom of the imprisoned political leaders has kicked off in Catalonia with various three-day marches beginning across various cities.  Participants set off this morning - 10,000 from central Catalan city Vic, 7,000… Continue reading Catalonia wants independence from Spain

Mushrooms Spain

Cave in Spain - Selva Pascuala is a prehistoric archeological site in Spain with fungoid rock art. An upcoming article in Economic Botany reports on recent study there by an international multidisciplinary team. Research united archeologist Juan Ruiz, foremost expert on this site, with mycologists including Gaston Guzman, the leading authority on Psilocybe. Results suggest post-Paleolithic ritual use of… Continue reading Mushrooms Spain