Denmark versus South Africa

An article of October 2021 stated that Denmark has again ranked number one in the Rule of Law Index published by the World Justice Project, an independent organisation advocating the advancement of rule of law around the world.   It is the sixth time in a row that Denmark has ranked first – this time above… Continue reading Denmark versus South Africa

Sweden – Finland – Norway – Denmark borders

Sweden, known officially as the Kingdom of Sweden, is a Scandinavian country found in Northern Europe. By area, it is the third-largest country in the European Union, at 450,295 square kilometers. Its capital city is Stockholm, which is also the country’s largest city. Sweden has been ranked as the fourth most competitive country in the world, and has… Continue reading Sweden – Finland – Norway – Denmark borders

Denmark and South Africa – ANC

  Vanaf September 1975 tot May 1990 was die kantore in Denemarke slegs 'n konsulaat, en is dit in 1990 opgegradeer na die van 'n Ambassade.   Vorige regering het heelwat buitelandse kantore en missies gehad, om handelsbetrekkinge te bevorder.  Die ANC het nie agtergebly nie en ook hul eie mense oral geplaas en soms van… Continue reading Denmark and South Africa – ANC

Denmark ghettos

In Denmark's Plan To Rid Country Of 'Ghettos,' Some Immigrants Hear 'Go Home':    In a move aimed at ensuring an integrated Denmark without "parallel societies" and to protect "Danishness," the Danish government recently released a plan to rid the country in the next 12 years of areas it officially calls "ghettos." *** IMPOSSIBLE TO… Continue reading Denmark ghettos

Stram Kurs – Paludan

  They finished on 1.8 percent - Paludan and his Stram Kurs party had been tipped to enter parliament but when the final votes were tallied they failed to get above the 2 percent needed.   Paludan, has espoused vehemently anti-Islam rhetoric and has a criminal conviction (he has appealed) for inciting racial hatred. He also… Continue reading Stram Kurs – Paludan

Denmark – Social Democrats

  The election victory last week by Denmark's Social Democrats has prompted a debate among fellow European left-wing parties: Should they, too, adopt anti-migrant rhetoric, imitate their Danish counterparts and campaign for stricter immigration rules? Because of a surge in support in the final weeks leading up to the June 5 parliamentary poll, the country's… Continue reading Denmark – Social Democrats