16 Junie / June 2021

Concentration camp day - any people, provided it is a people, has remembered days or specific moments of those days and what happened.   Even great moderate nations have their own remembering days. And coincidentally, June 16 and December are known dates to most of us and will always remain of those days to remember. Of… Continue reading 16 Junie / June 2021

Boeremag – South Africa

  They refer to several arguments from their international complaint, on grounds of the following violations: • Torturing allowed by the state and judge for more than 11 years. • Their right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty. • Their right of equality before the law and not to be arbitrarily prosecuted. • The… Continue reading Boeremag – South Africa

Boeremag – Affidavit – Deon Loots

  Claims that a group called the ‘Boeremag’ had planned to overthrow the government’ were pure thumb-suck -  created by Afrikaner crime-intelligence officers in the SAPS. They were even given materials and instructions for making bombs…  “The Boeremag Treason Trial was never fair.”  now says Deon Loots:  the former police-handler of  Boeremag-infiltrator and the State’s… Continue reading Boeremag – Affidavit – Deon Loots

Boer Political Prisoners SA – Wilhelm Pretorius – Affidavit

  Affidavit by Wilhelm Pretorius.   18 September 2017 First posted on 'Free the Boer Political Prisoners' Facebook page on 22 November 2013.     That barbarian methods of torturing are used by police [imperial police] is one hundred percent correct. I can personally testify to this. On 10 December 2002, I, Wilhelm Pretorius, a 25 year… Continue reading Boer Political Prisoners SA – Wilhelm Pretorius – Affidavit

SA Boeremaglede – Political Prisoners

Video material about the Political Prisoners - SA Boeremag members. Luister na 'n paar video's wat ook agtergrond kan skep wat in die media en deur Boervin gerapporteer is. Boeremag – Boer Political Prisoners *** B O E R E MAG Videos Hoekom is hulle in die tronk? Hoekom is hulle so lank in die… Continue reading SA Boeremaglede – Political Prisoners

Boeremag – Boer Political Prisoners

Boervin Media Release, South Africa, 16 June 2019 Boer Political Prisoners ask release due to unlawful incarceration 18, 19 and 20 June 2019 will be a watershed case, which will determine whether there is any place left in the South African courts for the constitution and international covenants. It will show whether revenge on and oppression… Continue reading Boeremag – Boer Political Prisoners