Slavery – human trafficking

In the late 18th century, a small band of British Quakers and other humanitarian-minded folk began to build the case against the slave trade. Britain’s supremacy in maritime power and technology meant that it led the world in the transatlantic trade in African “cargo”, having overtaken Portuguese, Spanish and French competitors.    And today, it is… Continue reading Slavery – human trafficking

Human rights violations – Menseregteskending

Die skending van menseregte is deesdae wêreldwyd 'n baie groot en intense probleem wat plaasvind en daagliks toeneem.   Dit is normaalweg waar sekere minderhede in 'n land, onderdruk word deur dieselfde (of selfs ander kleure of  beide soos in Suid-Afrika) kleur en ander etniese rasgroepe van bevolkingsgroepe wat die meerderheid vorm.   Liberales en klassieke liberales… Continue reading Human rights violations – Menseregteskending

Self-determination for the oppressed people

  Under the international laws and international rights, all minority groups that qualify as “peoples” have the right to self-determination: the ability to freely determine their political fate and form a representative government.     Not documents what I have made up - links are there as well. *We as Boer,  Afrikaner and White people do… Continue reading Self-determination for the oppressed people

Vicki Momberg back in prison

  Vicki Momberg will spend the night behind bars.   Momberg appeared in the Randburg magistrate's court on Wednesday. She appeared calm, wearing a black blazer and with her hair tied in a bun.      Her legal representative, advocate Anesh Sukdeo, told the court he was concerned that his client had been brought to court on… Continue reading Vicki Momberg back in prison