Epstein – Sarah Ransome

Sarah Ransome claims Epstein sex-trafficked her in 2006 and 2007 and that, like Giuffre, she was also forced to have sex with Epstein’s lawyer, Alan Dershowitz (which he has denied). "The news of my abuser's arrest today is a step in the right direction to finally hold Epstein accountable for his crimes and restore my faith that… Continue reading Epstein – Sarah Ransome

Jeffrey Epstein case – Syrian President Bashar al-Assad

  Syrian President Bashar al-Assad waded into the Jeffrey Epstein case, telling an interviewer that the deceased financier, sex offender, and alleged sex trafficker did not commit suicide, but was murdered as part of a coverup of the misdeeds of high-profile figures in the western world. In a conversation with Russia’s state-run Rossiya-24 station Thursday, Assad related… Continue reading Jeffrey Epstein case – Syrian President Bashar al-Assad

Epstein – “properties” and- Pedophile island

  Various horros "houses" and properties involved in this Epstein and his pedophile nest.  And how many other little girls were abused and by whom? Very little is known about Epstein's Paris apartment. It is reportedly somewhere on Avenue Foch in the city's tony 16th arrondissement. Epstein was traveling back on his jet from Paris… Continue reading Epstein – “properties” and- Pedophile island

Epstein – “Temple of Orgy Island” what is behind the Little St James Pedophile island and the bigger Island

This is ongoing for decades ... who were all those girls and where are they today?   What happened to them and who paid their medical bills and trauma's?  Guess who is watching the FBI on the island?   But there is also the "bigger brother" island.    Owner  :   Epstein.   What is ongoing on the bigger… Continue reading Epstein – “Temple of Orgy Island” what is behind the Little St James Pedophile island and the bigger Island

Jeffrey Epstein’s pedophile island

Hierdie jong meisies was ingehok soos diere en sadisties (satanies) gebruik. On Friday, YouTube account ‘Rusty Shackleford‘ uploaded a video that shows insane HD footage of suspected sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein’s private island in the Caribbean.     Bloomberg reports: This is where Epstein – convicted of sex crimes a decade ago in Florida and now… Continue reading Jeffrey Epstein’s pedophile island

Epstein – Little St. James

  Epstein apparently made no attempt to hide his travels with young girls. The airstrip in St. Thomas sits in plain sight of a central highway, and a nearby parking lot at the University of the Virgin Islands provides a complete view of the tarmac and almost every aircraft on the ground. When he’s “home”… Continue reading Epstein – Little St. James

Epstein … parents

Epstein was born in Brooklyn, New York, in 1953. His parents, Pauline and Seymour Epstein, raised him and his brother, Mark, in Brooklyn.     His  Jewish parents are Pauline (née Stolofsky, 1918–2004) and Seymour G. Epstein (1916–1991).  His parents were married in 1952 shortly before his birth. Pauline worked as a school aide and was a homemaker. Seymour Epstein… Continue reading Epstein … parents

Ghislaine Maxwell – parents – Epstein

  The nature of the relationship between Epstein and Maxwell, the favorite daughter of embezzling press baron Robert Maxwell, who died when he fell or was pushed from his yacht, the Lady Ghislaine, is not well known.   Multiple victims claim she was both part of the sex trafficking ring, often bringing girls to Epstein, and a sexual participant. But Epstein… Continue reading Ghislaine Maxwell – parents – Epstein

$$$ Mark Epstein – Jeffrey Epstein $$$

  The unexplained wealth of artist-turned-real estate magnate Mark Epstein, the deceased sex offender’s younger brother, is likely to come under further scrutiny by further investigations as well.    Mark  is Jeffrey Epstein’s younger brother. The pair grew up in Sea Gate, Brooklyn, as the only children of Seymour and Pauline Epstein.      After Jeffrey… Continue reading $$$ Mark Epstein – Jeffrey Epstein $$$