2 May 1994 – A violent road

  This was reported in a magazine of 1994 - It is around midnight, Easter Sunday. In the emergency room of Soweto's Baragwanath Hospital "casualties" have been mounting for hours. One after another, bleeding young black men and women from the township are wheeled in, unconscious from their injuries and their drinking. Most of the… Continue reading 2 May 1994 – A violent road

1995: Inkatha members killed

South Africa still experience today so many attacks, violence, rapes and killings.  Nothing has been changed since 1994.  There is indeed more violence today as before 1994.  This is a very old article and if you look at the content, there is no change at all.  Black people are quick and always remember the 1976,… Continue reading 1995: Inkatha members killed

Dr Mangosuthu Buthelezi

Net onlangs het die ANC gepraat oor die Ingonyama en ander Trustgronde vat (nes Brittanje altyd gemaak het met ons almal) - toe het die Zoeloekoning sy mense bymekaar gemaak - hoop net hulle is bewus wat aangaan.   Die Zoeloevolk moet besef dat die skippie wat gaan sink, ook die Ingonyama Trustgronde en grondeise (CPAs)… Continue reading Dr Mangosuthu Buthelezi