Protesting at Marikana 2012

Justice for Marikana should be criminal liability for those that are involved; Ramaphosa, Lonmin and the state. It should be the mining company making sure there is better housing, sanitation, better education, and that there are better roads in Marikana.    Thirty-four mineworkers were killed on 16 August 2012, when police opened fire on them.   Ten… Continue reading Protesting at Marikana 2012

Eswatini (Swaziland) protesaksies

  South African President Cyril Ramaphosa, who currently chairs the security organ of the Southern African Development Community (SADC), ordered high-level envoys to fly to Eswatini to meet King Mswati III to discuss “security and political developments”.  The internet went offline at noon, as students, transport workers and civil servants extended protests that have ground… Continue reading Eswatini (Swaziland) protesaksies

Brackenfell school protestors

SAHRC (Human Rights):    Any protest action that falls outside of this, such as: damaging or destroying schools and denying access to education during public protests is not constitutionally protected. In fact, in many instances, these actions may amount to a criminal offence.  Protests should not be carried out in a manner that undermines the… Continue reading Brackenfell school protestors

Radical red flags – 16 October – EFF

Malema and his red brigade were not their to support the farmers but have their own targets in their red revolution minds.  Die rooi brigade of vlag rewolusie is tog so lief om magsvertoon te toon, uiting te gee hoe radikaal en magtig hul is.  Opstook is hul eerste naam.   Radikale elemente wys dit ook… Continue reading Radical red flags – 16 October – EFF

Vandalism and Violent protest actions at schools and infrastructure South Africa

  Vandalism and theft across Gauteng schools have cost the provincial Education Department over R120 million since the start of the year 2019 (does not included previous years).   The staggering figure was released by MEC Panyanza Lesufi's office during August 2019 which said 262 criminal cases were registered since January.  The Gauteng Education Department has… Continue reading Vandalism and Violent protest actions at schools and infrastructure South Africa

Protest actions – South Africa and Africa

  South Africa is part of Africa and she as a continent, is part of her own struggle, undeveloped areas, killing of each others and no progress at all.   Each and every country have their own different tribes, mostly blacks, with their own cultures, traditions and languages.  Some people are minority groups of people, while… Continue reading Protest actions – South Africa and Africa

Protesters Cape Town – WEF 4 September 2019

  It's day one of the  2019 World Economic Forum and it's already marred by protests.   Police fired stun grenades and water cannons at protesters.   The protesters demanded to be addressed by President Cyril Ramaphosa. Scores of women demonstrated against South Africa's "femicide epidemic" as the World Economic Forum on Africa kicks off in Cape Town… Continue reading Protesters Cape Town – WEF 4 September 2019

Tswane – Pretoria – illegal strike

  29-31 July 2019 - ONGOING     For a moment you saw the pictures and photos, watch them walking, screaming, burning, destroy you know, they are loving to live like that and walk all in litter and demand - a red revolution since 1955.   Revolution is a lifestyle.   This is not the first time and… Continue reading Tswane – Pretoria – illegal strike

Hong Kong – protest action

  9 July 2019 - Millions of protesters have flocked to the streets of Hong Kong in recent weeks to express outrage over a controversial extradition bill, claiming the government is using it to chip away at their rights.   Debate on the measure has since been suspended indefinitely, and on Monday, the city’s top leader declared… Continue reading Hong Kong – protest action

No to shacks and illegal invasions

This issue has absolutely nothing to do with Indians but the whole entire community of Lenasia South, which consists of all colours being, black, coloured and Indians. This is just so sad that Indians are now being portrayed as racist and violent people whilst that's not the case. CITIZENS DEMAND:   THAT MUST BE THE WHOLE… Continue reading No to shacks and illegal invasions

Anarchy in South Africa

It happened in 2012 and also in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and now again  - terrorist attacks, road blocks by communists, the burning of tyres, roads, businesses.   Blocking the N2 between Somerset West and Cape town and carry out land grabs, invasions on private properties, opposite school areas, parks and municipal lands.  During the 2012… Continue reading Anarchy in South Africa