Truck drivers in SA – unemployment

The situation of double standards of the authorities in South Africa is out of hand and created more crime. The burning pot of red revolution and their masters watch them for decades.   Under the lockdown, some have 20 parents against 500 plus at their "peaceful marches".    But, who is then in control of the… Continue reading Truck drivers in SA – unemployment

South Africa – Arson – Terrorisme – Brandstigting

What is the point of burning down infrastructure, schools, trucks and buildings - it won't solve any problems and it will cost us, the taxpayer, the prices of products won't come down, but will become more and more expensive.  It is not always only about labour but also things like to transport bread, clothes, furniture, … Continue reading South Africa – Arson – Terrorisme – Brandstigting

Police – smile you are on candid camera with the cake

This is the notification from Police and the photo on twitter, while the people and especially the business people faced the thousands of looters around them, they enjoy the expensive party and cake, etc.  Just smile, you are all safe.   You are on candid camera. Aangenaam verras met hierdie een hoe daar fees gevier word,… Continue reading Police – smile you are on candid camera with the cake

Violence ongoing in South Africa – Trucks still burning

  This was a well-planned and orchestrated "strike" by trucks.  The so-called countrywide strike of trucks and the looting of businesses are all together to bring down the economy of South Africa.  Every truck do belong to a business that delivers, either food, minerals like coal and other,  If you listen to the people it… Continue reading Violence ongoing in South Africa – Trucks still burning


  “Only God will protect us and we hope we will come back alive.” This is a direct quote from a group of truck drivers that were found at Oshoek Border Gate yesterday afternoon preparing to cross to South Africa to deliver their load.   According to information sourced from the truck drivers, approximately 80 drivers… Continue reading BORDER BLOCKADE: LOCAL TRUCKS CROSS TO SA

Truck drivers from other countries in South Africa

There is a warning to all drivers,  but specific drivers from Zimbabwe.   Do you comply to work in South Africa?    Daar is 'n waarskuwing aan alle drywers en ook eienaars van besighede wat goedere verkoop.   Dat hulle dit sal afneem en of trokke aan die brand steek. * Violence in Jeppe – South Africa –… Continue reading Truck drivers from other countries in South Africa

Truck Hijackings – Road Safety – SA

Investigation and Analysis (Arrive Alive) As much of the modus operandi is far more organized than your usual car hijacking we have decided to analyse this through a Q&A with a transport tactical risk specialist, Stan Bezuidenhout. In recent years we have become aware of an increase in road-related crimes. Not only have we reported… Continue reading Truck Hijackings – Road Safety – SA