Terrorism Sabotage – Sabotasie Terrorisme


Terrorism, sabotage and the leaders who orchestrated this, wanted to destroy all lives of citizens.   No further development and progress for any economy are their goals in the name of reform without any compensation.  What was, is no more anymore, the built up with hard-earned savings is simply broken down, destroyed and burned within in a week’s time.   Those who are so violent and murderous destroy everything in their path because they are supposedly hungry – but look at their vehicles, shoes and clothes. Even a bicycle and refrigerator will be consumed was said.   

The army is in town

Unrestsa | LIVE | #UnrestSA: President Ramaphosa to visit KZN to assess  impact of violence | News24


Terrorists are not in any position to build-up or govern a country – their minds are full of burning fires.   At the end, it is the poor people who do not have an income to have food on the table, who have to do the clean-up afterwards after the terror destruction is over – then they receive food from public for that “service”.   They are the slaves of terrorists.   

It is noteworthy that many political leaders of the ANC and other political parties today, are so happy that the public started the clean-up process – then the government do not have to do it.   How much did these politicians care when the violence broke out – nothing – where were the cabinet ministers and councillors?   It was the communities themselves that had to stand guard and defend themselves.

Why are the public expected to do all the building work, they are not the terrorists. The police and army should have stopped all this violence a long time ago and thousands of the terrorists could have been caught. Force them to clean-up process and do the building work.   Force those leaders to talk about who are the financers to do so much damage to all of .    George Soros and partners?

This has been going on in South Africa for several years, this is not the first time. It is the middle class and the poor people who are simply getting poorer and the rich and privileged (elites) who are committing the corruption.  To steal from the poor is to steal their human rights and freedom, the right to work and live.  There is not a thing of democracy or rainbow nation, never was.  The politicians allow everything and act little to stop this.    Allowing terrorists to destroy, businesses, shops, schools,  jobs and incomes means that governments are on the same level as the terrorists and make them just as guilty as the terrorists.  The ANC or anybody in parliament are certainly not in power since 1994.

The question is – was this a failed coup?    There is no peace.   It’s not over yet, anything is possible. Do not just trust those runners, because no one has really been prosecuted, arrested or held accountable for what happened here. The buildup must come from those terrorist groups who caused the damage and not from the business people or public.



17 July 2021 – The rioting and violence are proof that government is not in control, and that the governing party’s time is running out. That’s the view of former military intelligence analyst, Anthony Turton. He says this week’s events didn’t come out of nowhere.



No country is immune, South Africa included.
25 June 2021


Multilateralism in South Africa will never ever work – not in any other country too.

As the Organization readies itself to mark the 15th anniversary of the UN Global Counter-terrorism Strategy to enhance national, regional and international efforts, the UN official said, “we should take comfort that this Counter-Terrorism Week has reinvigorated support for multilateralism”. 



What is TERRORISM?   Few articles and opinions about it.

United Nations

Terrorist groups need money to sustain themselves and to carry out terrorist acts. Terrorist financing encompasses the means and methods used by terrorist organizations to finance their activities. This money can come from legitimate sources, for example from profits from businesses and charitable organizations. But terrorist groups can also get their financing from illegal activities such as trafficking in weapons, drugs or people, or kidnapping for ransom.

Combating terrorist financing (CFT) is a highly complex endeavour that involves many different actors. We support Member States with a wide variety of responses, ranging from legislation, international policy to operational level responses. Our legal support is underpinned in particular by the International Convention for the Suppression of the Financing of Terrorism (1999).

UNODC works on the legal aspects of countering the financing of terrorism, including promoting the ratification of the relevant universal legal instruments, in particular the International Convention for the Suppression of the Financing of Terrorism (1999), and the implementation of these international standards. This entails reviews of domestic legislation to ensure proper criminalization of offences related to the financing of terrorism and legislative drafting, developing the capacity of criminal justice and law enforcement officials to investigate, prosecute and adjudicate terrorist financing through the provision of specialized training on issues related to special investigation techniques, freezing, seizing and confiscating terrorist assets, and strengthening regional and international cooperation against the financing of terrorism.




UNODC is a key United Nations entity delivering counter-terrorism technical assistance Member States with their international legal responsibilities to counter terrorism, with a focus on criminal justice responses to terrorism. Since the last review of the Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy, which is conducted every two years, UNODC delivered 70% of the UN’s counterterrorism technical assistance.

The mandate of UNODC in crime prevention and criminal justice generally, as well as in terrorism prevention specifically are reiterated in relevant resolutions by the UN governing bodies. Our governing bodies are the General Assembly,  Economic and Social Council, the Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice and the United Nations Congress on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice. 

The most comprehensive resolution reflecting our current mandate was adopted by the General Assembly on Technical assistance provided by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime related to counter-terrorism.



Terrorism encompasses a range of complex threats: organized terrorism in conflict zones, foreign terrorist fighters, radicalized ‘lone wolves’, and attacks using chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosive materials. 

Terrorist groups incite individuals, often young people, to leave their communities across the world and travel to conflict zones, primarily in Iraq and Syria and increasingly in Libya. The way recruits are targeted and radicalized has shifted, with a greater focus on social media and other digital channels.



International terrorism: Violent, criminal acts committed by individuals and/or groups who are inspired by, or associated with, designated foreign terrorist organizations or nations (state-sponsored).

Domestic terrorism: Violent, criminal acts committed by individuals and/or groups to further ideological goals stemming from domestic influences, such as those of a political, religious, social, racial, or environmental nature.




The Netherlands also supported the ANC for years – they even helped before 1994.  What do they say about it, but why did they support the ANC and still do?

Terrorists go through a radicalisation process before turning to violence. Teachers and youth workers try to recognise this and report their suspicions to the police and criminal justice authorities, if necessary. In this way, it is possible to stop radicalisation in time and prevent it from leading to terrorism.

Terrorist offences are crimes carried out with the intent to cause terror. Terrorist intent is a circumstance that makes the punishment more severe. So the sentence for an offence carried out with terrorist intent will be harsher  than for the basic offence alone. This applies not only to people who carry out attacks but also to those who intend to carry out an attack. For example, planning an attack or completing a terrorist training programme are also criminal offences. 

The Netherlands wants to improve international cooperation and information sharing in order to combat terrorism. The Netherlands also intends to make funds available to establish a Passenger Information Unit for the Netherlands (Pi-NL) The unit will analyse information provided by airlines, such as reservation data,  and work together with similar units in other countries. The information can be used to combat serious crime and terrorism.



Sabotasie is om erge en fisiese skade aan te rig, wat ‘n land en sy strukture raak.  Dit eindig op in terrorisme en raak almal van ons burgers om duurder vir infrastrukture en goedere te betaal.   Dis wat die ANC tussen 1950 en 1994 ook aangerig het, om Eskom en ander strukture te saboteer en bomme te plant.

Daar is heel toevallig heelwat lande wat hul eie protokolle in plek het, lid is van die Verenigde Nasies wat ook terrorisme beskryf as ‘n ernstige misdaad teen die burgers van die land waar dit plaasvind.   Hierdie lande wat genoem word en ook organisasies soos die Verenigde Nasies wat dit toelaat, is ‘n oop boek. 

Voor 1994 was dieselfde lande vinnig om die vorige regering uit te maak as rassiste en misdadigers oor onafhanklike Tuislande, maar die aparte gebiede gaan steeds voort onder ander name, soos Trustgebiede, CPA’s (grondeise) en die meer as 8840 tradisionele swart en khoi san / griekwa leiers.   Niemand rep ‘n woord daaroor nie.

In Suid-Afrika en elders word die toepassing van sabotasie en terrorisme, nie na behore toegepas en is hul protokolle myns insiens niks anders as wit olifante wat vir aansien opgestel is, nie.  Of geld dit ook net slegs vir hul eie burgers, want vir jare is en word daar terreurdade oral uitgevoer deur onwettige burgers, wat lande, mense en infrastrukture binneval en verwoes, maar hoeveel word werklik teenoor hulle opgetree? 

Dit help nie om terroristiese / kommunistiese regerings finansieel te ondersteun onder die vaandel van ‘n vals “demokrasie, as daar terrorisme, sabotasie, aanvalle, moorde, verkragtings en veral diskriminasie teenoor minderhede toegepas word nie. 

Heelwat EU lande het hul al sterk uitgespreek teenoor swart bemagtiging, maar tog is daar bykans geen land wat dit nie toelaat om ooreenkomste aan te gaan met die huidige Suid-Afrikaanse regering (ANC) en swart bemagtiging / regstelaksies toelaat as geregverdig teenoor die blanke minderheidsvolk in die land.   Dit word alles goedgepraat. 

Om alles te kroon, is van die lande stamlande, waarvandaan ons voorgeslagte vandaan gekom het.   Dis eintlik ‘n skande as mens dit so mag noem dat daar soveel diskriminasie teenoor ons blanke volk toegelaat word en hulle gee fondse daarvoor en nog meer.   Ons parlement, grondwet en wetgewing word befonds deur heelwat van die regerings en organisasies. 

Hoeveel Suid-Afrikaanse sprekers het al in die EU, Amerika en elders gaan rapporteer wat in Suid-Afrika aangaan en derduisende briewe is al aan verskeie Europese, Amerikaanse en selfs ander lande gerig om dit te stop.   Sodra so ‘n geselskap die land verlaat, beland alles netso in die snippermandjie – altans, dis die idee wat mens as burger van Suid-Afrika kry, want niks word daaraan gedoen nie.

Aanvalle en moorde teenoor ons plaasboere word ten sterkste ontken op internasionale podium deur die huidige en rassistiese Ramaphosa wat swart bemagtigingskommissie in werking gestel en alle wetgewing, soos sy voorgangers, teenoor blankes implementeer en uitvoer.   Daar word altyd met groot omhaal vertel dat dit regverdig is, en dat ons verantwoordelik was vir aparte gebiede en apartheid, dis allesbehalwe so.

Ramaphosa : Trump

Ramaphosa : Farmers/Whites are thieves – accusations – expropriation


Reports to EU leaders and governments and reactions

Moord in SA: ATTACKS on White Minority

Inhoudsopgawe B-BBEE Index

Richtersveld – KHOISAN AND CPA

Ingonyama Trustland (Zulu people)

Shepstone – Natal, roots of segregation

Richtersveld 1847

Trustgebiede – Tuislande – Reservate


Terrorisme word gewoonlik haarfyn beplan en militaristies uitgevoer, wat dan in wanorde, chaos en geweld opeindig.

Terrorisme, sabotasie en die leiers wat dit georkestreer het, het veroorsaak dat daar baie skade aangerig word. Geen leier is vandag in hierdie arm mense se skoene om hul uit die modder op te tel nie. Terroriste doen alles in hul vermoë om alle lewens te vernietig en geen ontwikkeling en vooruitgang vir enige ekonomie toe te laat nie. Wat met swaarverdiende spaargeld opgebou is, word eenvoudig binne ‘n week afgebreek, vernietig en verbrand.

Terroriste is diegene wat so gewelddadig en moorddadig is, vernietig alles op hul pad omdat hulle kwansuis honger is. Allesbehalwe die geval. Let op na hul voertuie, selfone, skoene en klere. Daar word gesê dat selfs ‘n fiets en yskas verorber kan word.

Terroriste is nie in staat om ‘n land op te bou of te regeer nie, nie op ekonomiese vlak nie. Met al die swart bemagtiging wat op besighede afgedwing word, word eenvoudig alles vernietig.

Ironies, aan die einde is dit die arme mense wat nie ‘n inkomste het om kos op die tafel te hê nie, wat daarna die opruiming moet doen nadat die terreurvernietiging verby is – dan ontvang hulle kos vir daardie ‘diens’ aan die gemeenskap.

Dit is opmerklik dat baie politieke leiers van die ANC en ander politieke partye so bly is dat die publiek daarna met die opruiming begin het – dan hoef die regering dit nie te doen nie – dan word pluimpies aan die vals reënboognasie uitgedeel.

Hoeveel het hierdie politici omgegee toe die geweld uitgebreek het – niks. Gemeenskappe moes self waak en hulself verdedig want daar was min polisie teenwoordig.

Waarom word van die publiek verwag om al die opruiming en bouwerk te doen, hulle is nie verantwoordelik vir die dade van die terroriste nie? Die polisie en weermag moes al hierdie geweld lankal stopgesit het en duisende terroriste kon gevang gewees het – of is dit ‘n swak teken hul wou nie.

Dwing terroriste om skoon te maak en die bouwerk te doen, dwing die leiers om te praat oor wie hulle finansier om soveel skade aan almal te berokken. Dit duur al etlike jare in Suid-Afrika, dit is nie die eerste keer nie.

Dit is die middelklas en die arme mense wat bloot armer word en die rykes en bevoorregtes, die in beheer, wat die korrupsie pleeg. Hoekom steun al hierdie armes steeds die ANC en al hierdie korruptes? Antwoorde wat ons nooit sal kry nie. Net ‘n land wat vernietig is en ‘n Zimbabwe in ons midde.

Om van die armes te steel, is om hul menseregte en vryheid, die reg om te werk en te lewe, te steel. Die politici laat alles toe en tree min op. Deur terroriste toe te laat om te vernietig, besighede, winkels, skole, werk en inkomste beteken dat regerings op dieselfde vlak as die terroriste is en hulle net so skuldig maak as die terroriste. Die ANC is ongelukkig nie aan die bewind nie sedert 1994 nie.

Die vraag is – was dit ‘n mislukte staatsgreep – is dit nog nie verby nie, enigiets is moontlik. Daar is nog ‘n stryd voor. Moenie net daardie hardlopers vertrou wat kwansuis verdwyn nie, want niemand is regtig vervolg, gearresteer of verantwoordelik gehou vir wat hier gebeur het nie. Die opbou moet kom van die terreurgroepe wat die skade aangerig het, en nie van die sakelui of die publiek nie. Terroriste kom weg met alles en regering steun dit.

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