Trucks burning – businesses burning

2018 – 2019  – Myns insiens is die moedwillige terrorisme en terreur teenoor maatskappye en besighede as en wanneer trokke of treine moedwillig aan die brand gesteek word. Elke trok wat uitbrand in Suid-Afrika behoort aan iemand wat weer verbonde is aan besighede wat geraak word wat van padvervoer gebruik maak.  Die trok opsigself is ‘n geregistreerde maatskappy of besighede wat goedere vervoer.   Die goedere wat vervoer word, behoort ook aan iemand (persone) en soms is dit selfs B-BBEE maatskappye wat in vuur opgaan.   Brande moontlik vir versekeringdoeleindes – wie sal regtig weet wie en wat hieragter skuil.   Na 1994 het Ramaphosa die B-BBEE namens die parlement gedryf as voorsitter om dit 100% ingestel te kry, waar veral blanke besighede totaal en al ekonomies uitgeroei word.  Swart bemagtiging is slegs teenoor blankes gerig, maar dit beinvloed ander werkers wat werksaam is.

MORE than 15 trucks were burnt on the N3 this weekend. This truck was set alight near Pietermaritzburg.     Fleetwatch Facebook

Al hierdie terrorisme het ‘n verdere impak op die verbruikers.  Daar gaan duurder vir goedere betaal word of andersinds sluit besighede hul deure en is daar meer werkloses aan die einde van die dag.  Kinders sonder ‘n bord kos op die tafel en ander op straat onder bome.

Met die vervanging van miljoene rande se trokke, asook die inhoud, word 15% VAT aan die regering uitbetaal, dus hoekom sal die regering hoegenaamd optree as hulle 15% VAT verkry in al hierdie terrorisme?   SASRIA – ‘n onlusversekering, behoort totaal en al aan die regering, dus van wie word ge-eis?  Misdaad het ‘n betalende inkomste geword.

Hier is dit weer eens besighede en maatskappye wat geteiken word.   Goedere wat soms eers gesteel word, terwyl dit met trokdrywers aan die brand gesteek word.   Daar was voorheen berigte en dreigemente oor immigrante wat trokbestuurders is.  Hoe waar dit is, sal nie gesê kan word nie – daar was dreigemente gerig.   Met die helfte van Afrika wat reeds in Suid-Afrika woon en alles gratis opeis, is enige iets moontlik.  Daar is miljoene immigrante en heelwat immigrante stig hul eie besighede, wat knaend geplunder en aan die brand gesteek word.

Die weermag ontplooi word telkens gevra, watter weermag, as die handjievol weermaglede slegs gebruik word as ‘n president ingehuldig word en waartoe hul in staat is – om op en af parade te hou.     IFP het ook ‘n beroep gedoen op hulp van die weermag, nugter alleen weet watter weermag, aangesien daar nie baie is nie.   Die Wes-Kaap premier het ook heel onlangs gevra vir weermaghulp en ook dit het op dooie ore geval – omdat daar nie meer ‘n weermag is nie, slegs vir parade doeleindes en om ander lande se myne op te pas.



Three trucks were set alight on the R76 between Steynsburg and Kroonstad on Thursday night.

Police spokesperson Captain Stephen Thakeng told News24 on Friday morning that police are investigating cases of malicious damage to property and public violence.

“We suspect the violent protests in Kroonstad [on Thursday] spilled over to Steynsrus at about 21:00 on Thursday night. That’s when three trucks were burnt. We are monitoring the situation.”

Thakeng said no one has been injured in the incident and no arrests have been made.

According to Thakeng, the incident can be attributed to general “unrest” in the area. “Steynsrus also falls under the Makhado Municipality, like Kroonstad.”

On Thursday, more than 60 people were arrested after Post Office and municipal vehicles were torched during more protests on Thursday, this time in Maokeng and Phomolong in Kroonstad, Free State police said.

Thakeng said that a concerned group in Maokeng, Kroonstad, who were unhappy about service delivery and high unemployment rates, had started blocking streets with burning tyres from around 6:00.

A Post Office in Phomolong and vehicles belonging to the Moqhaka municipality were also burnt.

Thakeng said police officers from Bloemfontein, Parys, Sasolburg and Welkom had arrested more than 60 people and that they would be charged with public violence.

“The situation is tense, but [Public Order Police] members continue to maintain law and order,” said Thakeng.


4 June 2019

The Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) on Tuesday called for the urgent deployment of the army to high-risk spots on the N3 highway in KwaZulu-Natal following the petrol bombing of several trucks.

Positive Freight Solutions forum, which represents nearly 3,000 truck owners, said more than 60 trucks were burnt in the past three weeks.

The attacks are believed to be related to the high number of foreigners being employed as opposed to local unemployed drivers, which the local truckingindustry has been raising for a number of months.    “The IFP is of the view that the dismal failure of the former minister of transport, Dr Blade Nzimande, the KZN MEC of transport, Mxolisi Kaunda, and the former KZN premier to deal decisively with truck driver’s grievances and their casual attitude towards solving this issue when it first started has led to this crisis.

3 June 2019

Freight transport companies used their trucks to block the N3 highway at Mariannhill last night, demanding that government take action to stop the attacks on their vehicles.   A source in the industry, who asked not to named, said the truck owners were fed up with the attacks and wanted decisive action from the authorities.   At the time of going to press, the highway was still blocked.

The blockade came after several trucks were attacked and torched, resulting in the closure of the N3 at many points for several hours.   More than 15 trucks, belonging to various logistic companies, were petrol-bombed at Cato Ridge, R103, Dalton, Bayhead, Pietermaritzburg and Mooi River at the weekend. At about 2pm yesterday another truck was attacked on the R59 between Sasol and Vereeniging. The situation has become so volatile on the N3 that the N3 Toll Concession (N3TC) has warned road users not to travel at night.

“It’s advisable to rather plan long distance trips during daylight hours,” said N3TC’s commercial manager Con Roux.   The attack on the freight industry has led to calls for the government to consider bringing in the army to beef up safety on the highway.   A source close to the investigations said they were also investigating a gang of heavily armed men who were instructing drivers to abandon their trucks before burning them near the Mooi River toll plaza.

Police spokesperson Captain Nqobile Gwala said: “We’re hoping that a breakthrough will be made soon. We’re also appealing to anyone who might have information about the suspects involved in these recent attacks to immediately contact Crime Stop on 0860010111.”   It is believed the attacks, which began in April last year, have targeted logistic companies that employ foreigners as truck drivers.

However, sources within the close circles of the logistics industry believe a criminal element is at play within KwaZulu-Natal – the province with the highest number of truck attacks in the past year.   “These serious torchings of trucks and attacks on owners and drivers have been going on for over a year but there has been no intense response from the government,” said the source.   “You would think the army would be out monitoring the N3 by now, but it seems everyone, from the police to ministers, is silent on the matter. Something is definitely at play here.”

The source said the culprits had “free reign” on the highways and when police were called to respond, “they’re gone before police arrive”.

“This is a well-organised group that are running the highways. That criminal element understands the army and police’s movements like a handbook.    “They also know that the transport industry is the nerve-centre of the country’s economy so they currently hold all the cards. Government needs to step up,” he said.

A warning from an anonymous source has been issued calling on all foreigners driving trucks to resign from their employment or face the consequences.

“To all foreigners who are driving in South Africa as from June 2, 2019, we no longer want to see you in trucks. We are only giving you this month to sort everything and resign (from) the job. If we see any foreigner still driving a South African registration truck we don’t know what will happen because we are sick of you now, and we are not going to let you take our job,” (sic) read the warning .

The Department of Transport, which did not respond to queries late yesterday, said it was meeting with truck owners to discuss the issue.    Premier Sihle Zikalala was in an ANC meeting until late last night and could not be reached for comment. Calls and messages to newly appointed Minister of Transport Fikile Mbalula and his spokesperson went unanswered yesterday.

The Positive Freight Solution Forum was granted an interim interdict at the Pietermaritzburg High Court, which prevents the All Truck Drivers’ Forum and four of its members from assaulting, abusing, harassing, threatening and intimidating its members.   They were also interdicted from damaging, stoning, burning and destroying more than 3000 trucks that belong to members of Positive Freight Solution Forum.

The All Truck Drivers’ Forum will have to appear in court on July 18 to provide reasons why the order should not be made final.     The chairperson of All Truck Drivers’ Forum, Sipho Zungu, who was also cited as a respondent on the court papers, has denied allegations of involvement in the burning of trucks.   He said that his organisation was fighting for a “good cause”, saying they only wanted the local drivers to be employed.

Zungu added that these allegations were a clear indication that the truck owners wanted to keep the organisation quiet about the employment of foreigners.   “We want to drive the trucks, not to burn them. We are not involved in the burning of trucks and even all the ministers are aware that our fight is for a good cause.

“We are fighting for the unemployed truck driver to be employed,” said Zungu. He said that the court interdict issued against him and the organisation did not “kill the fight”, but added that they would respect the law and appear in court to prove their innocence.

2 June 2019

Torched trucks in KwaZulu-Natal. Photo: Supplied.

A series of attacks on trucks in KwaZulu-Natal and Western Cape over the weekend have left one truck driver seriously wounded.   In Western Cape, a 50-year-old truck driver sustained serious burn wounds when his truck was petrol bombed and another petrol bomb was thrown at him by a group of men along the N1 about 10km from Touws River, in the early hours of Sunday morning, paramedics said.

ER24 paramedics came across the incident at about 1am, where they found the driver’s truck well alight on the side of the road, ER24 spokesman Werner Vermaak said.   The driver was found some distance away from his truck. He had sustained serious burn wounds and a possible injury to his ankle.

“He explained to paramedics that he and his brother pulled over on the side of the highway with their trucks to rest. While he was sleeping, a petrol bomb was thrown through one of the windows of his truck’s cab, setting it alight. He manged to jump out of the truck and was apparently chased by an unknown number of men who threw another petrol bomb directly at him.”

He was treated by paramedics on the scene and later transported to Mediclinic Worcester for further care.     Touws River police and Worcester Fire Department officials attended the scene. Local authorities would investigate the incident, Vermaak said.

In KwaZulu-Natal meanwhile, at least four trucks were reportedly torched on the N3 near Mooi River, Frere and Pietermaritzburg.      According to East Coast Radio, two heavy goods vehicles were petrol bombed, resulting in the closure of the highway for several hours.    Drivers of the trucks managed to get out of the burning vehicles.


The devastation and aftermath caused by a truck driver protest near the Mooi River Toll plaza in KwaZulu Natal. Picture supplied by Nicho Barnard-Mooi River Community Crime Watch

APRIL 2018








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