Terrorisme – Sabotage to South Africa 13 July 2021 – Revolution


People can attend street mass meetings and stealing, burning down businesses in their thousands, but that is OK.   But there are rules and regulations for citizens not to attend church meetings or other gatherings, only small groups of people, not allowed to travel.   And no masks or social distancing.  Some are very young children as well – watch other videos – they all have nice clothes on as well.   This is part of the communist revolution of the ANC and EFF (also others with them).

Picture: Itumeleng English/African News Agency (ANA)


What about all the other billions of rands of corruption?   State capture, arms deals, etc.

State capture – Ramaphosa

Wapenskandaal –  Arms deals



EFF leader Julius Malema is under attack for calling for the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) not to be deployed in hotspots in KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng.

Malema threatened on Twitter that the EFF would join the large number of people who have taken to the streets in the name of former president Jacob Zuma, looting businesses and vandalising property, if the SANDF was deployed to quell the unrest. 

“No soldiers on our streets! Otherwise, we are joining. All fighters must be ready … they won’t kill us all. We need a political solution to a political problem, not soldiers #NoToSoldiers,” tweeted Malema. 

There must be law and order in this country. It can never be that few people are trying to keep the whole country hostage. If Malema and his party decided to join the looters, then the law enforcement agencies must deal with anybody who is breaking the law,” was stated.  

“All party leaders must meet urgently to discuss a way forward and help restore law and order,” said the DA in a statement.

UDM leader Bantu Holomisa said something was wrong.    He wanted to know where the Police Minister Bheki Cele is? Something is not right.

Earlier, the SA National Defence Force confirmed that soldiers have been deployed in KwaZulu-Natal in the wake of widespread looting and destruction of property.    The SANDF has commenced with pre-deployment processes and procedures in line with a request for assistance received from the National Joint Operational and to assist law enforcement agencies deployed in Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal provinces.

Their deployment was to quell the unrest that has gripped both provinces in the last few days. The duration and number of deploying soldiers will be determined based on the assessment of the situation on the ground by the relevant law enforcement agencies.

Mgobozi said it must be emphasised that the SANDF`s deployment objective was to provide safety and a safe working environment for members of the South African Police Service and other law enforcement agencies whilst they carry out their Constitutionally mandated law and order duties.

Hundreds of shops and businesses across KZN and Gauteng have been looted at the weekend by thousands of terrorists.    Videos continue to circulate on social media showing people breaking into shopping centres and making off with stealing of clothing, food and other items.



“No soldiers on our streets! Otherwise, we are joining. All fighters must be ready… they won’t kill us all. We need a political solution to a political problem, not soldiers,” reads Malema’s tweet.



13 July 2021

The State Security Agency confirmed it received intelligence some of its former senior members within the agency, who were supporters of former president Jacob Zuma, were key in orchestrating the violent unrests in KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng.

State Security Minister Ayanda Dlodlo said they were “busy sorting fact from fiction” on that information.    Cele confirmed they were looking into Zuma’s daughter Duduzile’s tweets on violence.     All social media platforms are monitoring for false information.

Cele reported 757 people had been arrested for looting and participating in the destruction of properties in Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal.    In KwaZulu-Natal, 304 people have been arrested, while 453 were arrested in Gauteng.   Cele reported there had been 10 fatalities, while four police officers were injured.   SAPS members who were on leave or on rest days had also been recalled to return to work urgently.  



About 19 people have been killed in Gauteng alone, including officer Mahlangu.   Mahlangu, who had worked at the Metro Police Department for 12 years, was killed when scores of looters forced their way to gain entry to the mall, shooting at law enforcement personnel who stood in their way. He died while being rushed to the hospital.  Condolences to the family.



RASSISME teenoor blankes – waarom word sekere winkelgroepe en veral klein besighede wat voedsel versprei en maak, geteiken en verwoes.   Kommunistiese rewolusie.



Members of the SANDF have arrived in Alexandra.

No work employment





Not safe at all


Buildings torched and looted





Democratic Alliance leader John Steenhuisen, who spent the morning touring parts of Durban to view the devastation following days of looting and destruction of property, has accused the three of fanning the flames behind the recent looting.



Dis nie net KwaZulu-Natal en Gauteng nie, ander provinsies loop deur, Boere se plase word ook afgebrand en waarskynlik is daar heelwat wilde diere wat nie vinnig kon vlug voor vuur nie.  Hiedie terroriste wat alles stroop, voedsel word ingeprop, daarna afgebrand en vernietig.  Totale ekonomiese wanorde en chaos en geen werksgeleenthede vir die miljoene wat in die sentrums werk gehad het nie, gaan nou honger slaap?  Gaan die politici nou geld en voedsel uitdeel is ‘n goeie vraag?  Nee waarom sal hulle?

Hierdie is nie ‘n gewone oproer en protesaksies nie.  Duisende word in strate toegelaat terwyl daar ‘n beperking is – dus geld daar twee verskillende wetgewings vir die spul terroriste en oproermakers wat alle voedsel verwante besighede (trokke, winkels, kleinhandel) eers totaal en al plunder, en daarna aan die brand steek en verwoes.  Dis hoekom trokke ook verwoes is.   Dit gaan ‘n nog groter werkloosheid veroorsaak want daar is geen manier dat hierdie sentrums of besighede oornag gaan herstel nie, indien ooit.

En die regering en polisie, soms is daar polisie, soms het hulle te min ammunisie en moet die publiek help – juis die publiek wat hulle wil ontwapen.  So, dus kan die polisie sommer nou sien wie het watse tipe wapens en maklik ons burgers vervolg.  Of is dit die algehele plan gewees?  Daar is en word daar vir etlike jare gepoog om nie lisensies goed te keur vir die besit en hantering van wapens nie.  Wie steel saam of was hy net ook baie honger soos die ander, sien darem baie voedsel in die voertuig.




Het niks te doen met Zuma nie – wie is hiervoor verantwoordelik om besighede keelaf te sny – die wat die opdragte gee.



Zuma sage

Zuma in jail

Hands off Zuma

Supporters of Zuma Nkandla 5 July 2021

Zuma Ondersteuners (supporters)

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