Truck drivers in SA – unemployment

The situation of double standards of the authorities in South Africa is out of hand and created more crime. The burning pot of red revolution and their masters watch them for decades.   Under the lockdown, some have 20 parents against 500 plus at their "peaceful marches".    But, who is then in control of the… Continue reading Truck drivers in SA – unemployment

South Africa – Arson – Terrorisme – Brandstigting

What is the point of burning down infrastructure, schools, trucks and buildings - it won't solve any problems and it will cost us, the taxpayer, the prices of products won't come down, but will become more and more expensive.  It is not always only about labour but also things like to transport bread, clothes, furniture, … Continue reading South Africa – Arson – Terrorisme – Brandstigting

Trucks burning – businesses burning

2018 - 2019  - Myns insiens is die moedwillige terrorisme en terreur teenoor maatskappye en besighede as en wanneer trokke of treine moedwillig aan die brand gesteek word. Elke trok wat uitbrand in Suid-Afrika behoort aan iemand wat weer verbonde is aan besighede wat geraak word wat van padvervoer gebruik maak.  Die trok opsigself is… Continue reading Trucks burning – businesses burning