Terrorisme en sabotasie aan besighede en infrastrukture 10 Julie 2021

Nuwe voertuie word vernietig en verbrand - dis nou die spul terroriste wat ronddans in die strate en paaie ontwrig.  Die polisie skitter in hul afwesigheid.  Daar word beweer deur bende groepe hulle steun Zuma en doen dit vir Zuma wat in die tronk slaap nadat hy nie die hofverrigtinge van Zondo bygewoon het nie. … Continue reading Terrorisme en sabotasie aan besighede en infrastrukture 10 Julie 2021

Zuma – sage

Wat of wie is dit wat agter die hele Zuma sage sit - alewige verskoning op verskoning dat misdaad aksies gaan verdwyn.    Duidelik is daar spanne osse in Zuma se kraal nes met al die voor hom.   Sekere politieke leiers en lede van MK maak hul skuldig om misdaad wat gepleeg is, wat beskerm… Continue reading Zuma – sage

“the Kingmaker” – SA State capture

On 29 January 2021 it was stated in an article of the Daily Maverick that the Chief Directorate Special Operations (CDSO) within the State Security Agency (SSA) spent R1-billion to protect former president Jacob Zuma and his close associates between 2012 and 2018.  The Commission of Inquiry into State Capture heard that a portion of… Continue reading “the Kingmaker” – SA State capture

Zuma-Ramaphosa – ANC faction – Guptas – Saxonwold

Take note, during the time Zuma was President of the ANC and country, Ramaphosa was his right hand and deputy and part of the ANC and the government.      By the way - the Gupta family - accused of widespread corruption in South Africa - owned seven properties in Saxonwold and involved in mining… Continue reading Zuma-Ramaphosa – ANC faction – Guptas – Saxonwold

Blame and responsibilities

The financers of the Government, Parliament, constitution and legislations are to blame for the ungovernmental rules in South Africa - they pay the rulers and writers of legislations.   George Soros is one of them - look at the websites.    Billionaire socialist political investor George Soros is behind Black Lives Matter and the attempt to empty… Continue reading Blame and responsibilities

Ramaphosa – SA – immigrants – illegals

Since August 2019, Gauteng’s  and other provinces streets and main routes have become the scene of widespread protests, looting and violence. In the space of a week, many streets have become like a war-zone.    Trucks also have been stopped at the borders to enter South Africa.   THIS IS NOT A NEW THING, IT IS… Continue reading Ramaphosa – SA – immigrants – illegals

Zondo – Hogan – Zuma – State capture

  “In many of these SOEs, the memorandums of association prescribed that the minister appoint the CEO. If there is no trust or no endorsement of that CEO by the board, it’s a very difficult relationship.   "It is very important that the minister does not interfere with the work of the CEO. Corporate governance is… Continue reading Zondo – Hogan – Zuma – State capture

Committees – SA Parliament 2019

  For certain Zuma - Gupta -  people nominated.  The question is how the ANC agreed to the nominations of these controversial elements, knowing they are implicated in wrongdoing, an analyst said.   The ANC’s fielding of dubious figures to head crucial oversight committees will be understood as talking right and acting wrong, with analysts and… Continue reading Committees – SA Parliament 2019

Gangster state – Magashule

  In this explosive book, investigative journalist Pieter-Louis Myburgh ventures deeper than ever before into Magashule's murky dealings, from his time as a struggle activist in the 1980s to his powerful rule as premier of the Free State province for nearly a decade, and his rise to one of the ANC's most influential positions. Sifting… Continue reading Gangster state – Magashule

Parliament committees 2019

Gaan daar nog meer as ooit gemanipuleer word in die komitee stelsel van Parlement en gaan alles nog verder uitmekaar val - veral na die waaghalsige pogings van Magashule en sy ander stalperde?   Natuurlik gaan niks skielik verander nie, Ramaphosa sal aangaan waar Zuma opgehou het.   Zuma en sy handlangers, wou net laat weet het… Continue reading Parliament committees 2019

David Mahlobo, Ace Magashule en Jacob Zuma

According to The Sunday Times, the commission report flagged “inefficiencies” in the office of the secretary general and called for a “review” of the functioning of the office described as the “engine room” of the organisation.  A special national executive committee (NEC) has been called next week in Cape Town in which a final report from… Continue reading David Mahlobo, Ace Magashule en Jacob Zuma