Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng – land restitution


Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng said that the process of land restitution has been very slow in South Africa.   Speaking on POWER Talk, Mogoeng says the issue of land ought to be treated in the seriousness it deserves.   Asked if he thinks the process of land redistribution has been slow, Mogoeng says “incredibly slow.”   “Remember, land was a priority during the liberation struggle. It, therefore, had to be prioritised for attention, in terms of resources and in terms of the necessary capacity or expertise, to ensure that it is resolved.”

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15 May 2019

Land expropriation and restitution is slow.
Must the STATE be the “custodian” of ALL land?

Without compensation !! – the “nation to decide”


28 April 2019 – South Africa’s Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng putting it succinctly, l paraphrase: No white person came to Africa with land… The situation where blacks are landless & poor is unjust & therefore unsustainable because without Justice there is no Peace!



Since when did the Whites have the whole of South Africa – he said “3 million whites” own South Africa”   THIS IS A TOTAL LIE



but speaks in general about the whole continent of landless of all blacks

Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng delivers the Chief Albert Luthuli lecture at UKZN.




SWARTES was nog nooit grondloos (no landlessness) – hy betrokke by die skryf van wetgewing en die deurvoer in terme van Grondwet.

Na 1994 word Tuislande Trustgebiede genoem of andersinds CPA’s.

Grondeise – der duisende en beloop miljoene hektaar grond – word alles geregistreerde CPA en elke naam in daardie CPA word daarop aangeteken.   

Hoe kan swartes dan nie enige grondbesitters wees nie – dis mos leuens – daar is miljoene wat huise, selfs meer as een huis besit, plus nog ‘n groot plaasgebied in die ou Tuislande (CPA gebiede – grondeise).

Ingonyama Trust bestaan uit 9 trustgebiede (18) net vir die Zoeloe mense.
Zoeloename en vanne is vervat in wetgewing wie daar mag bly en wie voordeel trek.

Bruin en Khoi San het 6 groot CPA gebiede.
Richtersveld is maar een en dis slegs vir Khoi San en bruin mense.

Sanpark gee ook toerisme inkomste aan Venda asook Bruin en Khoi San – die Kalahari park, daar is nog ander parke waar hulle inkomste kry.

Hul kry inkomste uit Solar projekte – kan alles gesoek word op Hansards 

AL die ander Tuislande het almal Trustgebiede of CPA (grondeise) geword

WAAR is swartes “LANDLESS”

Daar is oor due 8840 tradisionele leiers – die Grondwet stipuleer dit, Hansards en Wetgewing is na 1994 geskryf.    Hierdie leiers is ook nie “grondloos” (landless) nie.   Desember 2018 Hansard.

Is ons regtig so dom om dit nie te verstaan nie?   Daar is hoe lank al grond oudits aan die gang wat aangedui het ons is nie die almagtige besitter van Suid-Afrika of alles van SA nie.


Voor 1961 het hierdie gebiede reeds bestaan, bekend as Reservate wat na 1961 na Tuislande verander het, later na 1994 Trustgebiede of CPA’s geword.  Voor 1900 was al hierdie gebiede baie kleiner, nie deur ons nie, maar dis deur Brittanje en swartes self bepaal onder BRITSE KOLONIALISME.   Die Unieregring het na 1930 die grondgebiede vergroot en bygevoeg.  Tuislande het hul eie leiers gekies en was op pad na volle onafhanklikheid soos Botswana.

“This solutions we propose in his memory must be inclusive securing enduring peace, stability and shared prosperity. But our starting point in that journey ought to be a connection with the views on land and the relationship between landlessness and poverty and hopelessness,” said Mogoeng.

He said African people need more land now – as they did 50 years ago – and that the land issue was not a matter to be “romanticised.”.

“It is a matter that should not be romanticised. It is a matter that must be addressed  but without dividing the South African nation.  Chief Albert Luthuli’s philosophy of freedom. land ownership and poverty eradication transcended the borders of South Africa. It was truly pan-Africanist in character.

“The major challenge that confronted almost all African countries is the land issue. In fact, one would not be exaggerating to say that the struggle was primarily about the dispossession of African people of their land. Gross injustices took place in relation to the land issue.  Land and wealth ownership in Africa is overwhelmingly in the hands of our former colonisers or their descendants.

“The natives of Africa are largely landless, marginalised, poor and ignored and at times even despised by those whose ancestry through unjust and indefensible means acquired their land. In honour of the memory of Inkosi Albert Luthuli we must resolve this historic challenge, this monumental injustice, this abuse of the fundamental human right of the African people. Land ownership accompanied by properly guided and funded diligent usage equals wealth ownership.”

Mogoeng has proposed a world-wide campaign to conscientise the global community about the injustice and the devastating effect of landlessness and virtual exclusion of the African people from meaningful participation in the mainstream of economies in Africa.

“War is not an option. Strategies that militate against peace and instability are also not an option but silence in the face of life-threatening and dehumanising migration, abject poverty and landlessness are also not an option. As Chief Albert Luthuli would have done, African people must pursue meaningful, purposeful and truly intentional  dialogue with those who own land and the sworn defenders of the status quo. Internal and global campaigns must also be waged concertedly and tirelessly until normalcy is returned.”


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