Landclaim : Centurion – Pretoria Oos-East

If people still want to be naive and hold the belief that land grabs or land claims will not affect urban areas and is only happening in some remote area or is only reserved for agricultural land, must think again.   Residents are feeling the impact of the massive land claim affecting several suburbs in the greater Centurion region. The claim affects developed and densely populated areas such as The Reeds, Rooihuiskraal, Olievenhoutbosch, Zwartkop and Heuweloord    It was lodged by Kleinboy Mahlangu with the Land Claims Commission on behalf of 38 beneficiaries in 1998. Mahlangu is a son of a farmworker, who used to work in the area in the 1960’s.
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The claim was apparently gazetted on June 29 last year, sparking fears among residents about their properties. Many questions are asked how the commission can allow the land claim to be gazetted after some 20 years have lapsed. Residents are trying make their voices heard against the seemingly opportunistic claim by the 39 families who allege that the 4 000 hectares related to the claim are due to them. The claim affects the property rights of about 2 000 families.

Simultaneously, another opportunistic claim were also lodged in the Eastern part of Pretoria, which includes farms, schools, businesses and more than 500 residential properties, mostly on prime land in the suburbs of Pretoria East, such as Hatfield, Colbyn, Garsfontein and Moreleta Park, in the Tshwane municipality.

Lest we also not forget the land grabs in the posh Palm Lake Estate near Ballito we recently reported on.

It is time that we realize the stark reality that land claims or land seizures will not be limited to only remote areas or agricultural areas.

Currently, 62% or nearly two-thirds of South Africa’s population lives in urban areas, that leads us to conclude that we can expect an increase of land grabs and land claims in urban areas as urbanization in South Africa is on the increase and opportunists would rather stay in urbanized areas that are already developed.

Front National supports any initiative that opposes these land claims.

On 19 February 2019, Afriforum will host a meeting at Leriba Lodge in Centurion. The meeting will start at 19h00. During this meeting, residents will be briefed on the land claim and will be allowed to give Afriforum a mandate to fight the land claim on their behalf.

Front National will also attend the meeting in solidarity to our members, since many of our members are also affected by these land claims.

However, we need emphasize that these kind of land claims will increase and with the looming change of Sec 25 of the Constitution, it will go from bad to worse. Hence, the only logical and workable solution to stave off these claims is to have our own state of self-determination were property rights will be guaranteed and protected.

Protect your rights. Vote for self-determination. Vote Front National


Residents of The Reeds and Rooihuiskraal voiced their concerns at a public meeting on Tuesday evening about the land claim currently affecting areas in Centurion.   The meeting was organised by The Reeds, Thatchfield and Rooihuiskraal residents’ association (ReThRo).   According to ReThRo vice chairperson Gina Britz the meeting was well attended.

Another concern was the amount of time it would take to finally settle the matter.

“Residents want to know how much time it will take after the objections have been submitted to finding out what the next steps will be,” Britz said.

“People want to sell and buy properties in the area. They want to move here or move away. There is just too much uncertainty at this stage.”

The 20-year-old land claim came under the spotlight following a public meeting at Leriba Lodge in December of last year which affected residents were given 90 days to respond.  ReThRo will be working closely with civil rights organisation AfriForum in opposing the land claim.
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The claim states Mahlangu’s father was forcefully removed from the area and never provided with an alternative place. The multi-million rand land claim for the 4000 hectares of residential area in the Centurion region is facing a legal challenge from civil rights group AfriForum. It said it would take up the matter with the Land Claims Court on the grounds that it threatened the rights of property ownership by individuals..

He slammed the commission for its “unethical move” to allow 20 years to lapse before the claim could be gazetted.

The organisation will hold a community meeting on February 19 at Leriba Lodge to address affected residents on the facts, its action plan and what’s already been done. Cameron said: “It is important that the community knows all the facts to present AfriForum with a written mandate to enable it to fight this battle on their behalf.”

AfriForum legal expert Dr Eugene Brink said all the original claimants were dead and the claim was being pursued by the grandchildren. The commission’s investigation showed only 4% wanted the land while 63% opted for financial compensation, Brink said. He said the commission report contained anecdotes, which could not be proven and would set a bad precedent if taken for gospel.    The public has been given until February 23 to make submissions to the commission regarding the claim.


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Centurion-Verwoerdburg – Rooihuiskraal


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