Bad services (home affairs)

MOBILE PHONES The chairperson of the parliament portfolio committee on home affairs, Hlomani Chauke, has urged the department of home affairs to consider an outright ban on cellphone usage by frontline staff during working hours at all home affairs offices.  Chauke said the ban should be enforced because of the numerous complaints the committee had received… Continue reading Bad services (home affairs)


Etniese volke in Suid-Afrika

ETHNIC PEOPLE - Different people - different cultures - diferent areas - different chiefdoms and different kings and traditional leaders.   Before 1994 it was well known as "homelands" or reserves since 1850's.   APARTHEID (SEGREGATION) was created by their own leaders that time, not by Verwoerd, nor by any whites.  (Shepstone policy) Voor 1994 het van… Continue reading Etniese volke in Suid-Afrika

Migrant awards Mkhaya

Demonstrating its commitment to building a unified, inclusive and caring South African society, the Department of Home Affairs presents the inaugural SOUTH AFRICAN MIGRANTS AWARDS during Africa Month.  Hosting the SOUTH AFRICAN MIGRANTS AWARDS annually will also better improve the integration of migrants and foreign nationals within South African communities.    This initiative is one… Continue reading Migrant awards Mkhaya