Crimea – Russia – old documentation

Crimea was part of Russia from 1783, when the Tsarist Empire annexed it a decade after defeating Ottoman forces in the Battle of Kozludzha, until 1954, when the Soviet government transferred Crimea from the Russian Soviet Federation of Socialist Republics (RSFSR) to the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic (UkrSSR). The transfer was announced in the Soviet… Continue reading Crimea – Russia – old documentation


Yevgeniy Viktorovich Prigozhin (Russia)

  Yevgeniy Viktorovich Prigozhin is a Russian oligarch nicknamed "Putin's chef" because of his closeness to the Russian president and his career in the food and restaurant industry. He caters Vladimir Putin's "state dinners with foreign dignitaries" and provides meals for both Russian schools and the military. Prigozhin is one of 13 individuals named in Special Counsel Robert Mueller's indictment made… Continue reading Yevgeniy Viktorovich Prigozhin (Russia)

Russia and Africa

11 June 2019 - Luke Harding and Jason Burke Russia is seeking to bolster its presence in at least 13 countries across Africa by building relations with existing rulers, striking military deals, and grooming a new generation of “leaders” and undercover “agents”, leaked documents reveal.    The mission to increase Russian influence on the continent is being led by Yevgeny… Continue reading Russia and Africa

Congratulations – Поздравления

РОССИИ И ПРЕЗИДЕНТУ ПУТИНУ Желаю вам, г-н Путин, вы великий лидер для своей страны, особенно для молодежи России, и вам понравилась и ваша инаугурация, и военная сторона. AAN DIE RUSSE EN PRESIDENT PUTIN Seënwense aan mnr Putin, vir sy nuwe amp, hy is 'n groot en bekende leier vir sy land, sy mense en veral… Continue reading Congratulations – Поздравления