Himachal Pradesh is famous for its hill stations like Shimla, Manali etc. However, there are many historic and old monuments in Himachal Pradesh which adds to its scenic beauty. Apart from the hills and the views from its hill stations the monuments in Himachal Pradesh form an important part of the Indian history and culture,… Continue reading India

Ivermectin – India and Brittain

  Since August 2020 in India - Ivermectin, a deworming drug, can be used as a supporting medicine for Covid-19 patients under home isolation and their contacts, according to doctors.   Officials said the kiosks would come up at the airport, city bus stations, railway stations, etc.Ivermektien medikasie word al vir maande in Indië beskikbaar gemaak. … Continue reading Ivermectin – India and Brittain

Ivermectin – Carte blanche

It is claimed that "trial data" are extremely poor about Ivermectin, but whether this is really the case one will not really know, as medical doctors overseas in different countries have been doing various trials for some time now that worked on the sick and ill people. There is even less data available on vaccines… Continue reading Ivermectin – Carte blanche

Bojjanna – Lingala Konda – Anakapalle

Sankaram village near Anakapalle is popular Buddhist heritage spot. Few centuries back this place was the center of Buddhist culture and teaching. The name of the village Sankaram is derived from the word Sangharama which meant monastery. There are many monolithic stupas, rock cut caves, ruins of prayer halls, meditation halls, brick build structural edifices… Continue reading Bojjanna – Lingala Konda – Anakapalle

Guptas – Suid-Afrika – KORRUPSIE

Sal dit nie as 'n prestasie beskou dat die ANC 'n baie groot rol speel met die gebruik van hul mag binne die BRICS lande (wat Suid-Afrika insluit).  En 'n nog groter rol wat die Gupta ook in Suid-Afrika gekry het sedert hul die land ingewurm het net nadat die ANC die regering/land oorgeneem het. … Continue reading Guptas – Suid-Afrika – KORRUPSIE

Britse “magte” – British power

Die Britse magte het nie net in Suid-Afrika helkampe gehad nie, maar daar het al baie burgers in verskeie lande onder hierdie magte deurgeloop.  Elkeen is in hul eie lande aangeval en van alles beroof.  Hulle moet sekerlik baie trots wees oor al die bloed aan hul hande. 19 January 2016 The British people suffer… Continue reading Britse “magte” – British power