South Africa – safety tips – Beveiliging

Nog 'n paar idees oor beveiliging.   Beveiliging is belangrik, vir uself, gesin, familie,  gaste, werkers en die hele omgewing.    Die wenke of idees wat op plase en kleinhoewes van toepassing is, moet en kan ook in dorpe en stede gedoen word, huise sowel as besighede.   Hoe minder ander weet hoe beveiliging rondom uself of… Continue reading South Africa – safety tips – Beveiliging

Blood and alcohol toxicology tests – Parliament SA

  3 January 2019 - James, Ms LV to ask the Minister of Health -  January 2019 -  Question NW3602 to the Minister of Health. Question : How does his department intend to improve the turnaround time for blood and alcohol toxicology tests which remain a concern? Reply: 1. Blood Alcohol We have made a huge progress in… Continue reading Blood and alcohol toxicology tests – Parliament SA

Truck Hijackings – Road Safety – SA

Investigation and Analysis (Arrive Alive) As much of the modus operandi is far more organized than your usual car hijacking we have decided to analyse this through a Q&A with a transport tactical risk specialist, Stan Bezuidenhout. In recent years we have become aware of an increase in road-related crimes. Not only have we reported… Continue reading Truck Hijackings – Road Safety – SA