Sept-Oct 2020 White attacks killings

In the first six months of the year 2020 , 139 attacks and 26 murders have taken place on farms in South Africa.   In KZN there have been 12 farm attacks and four murders, agricultural union TLU SA said.    What about the other months - even during the curfew it is still ongoing. *Aanvalle… Continue reading Sept-Oct 2020 White attacks killings

Terrorism – Terrorisme

Of dit nou 'n mens is wat hulle aanval of diere, of doodbrand - terroriste gee nie om nie.   Hulle het dit in die verlede gedoen, nie net een keer nie, duisende kere en doen dit steeds.    Die blanke liberales kan hul gerus verlekker in die gesig hoe 'n dier ly.  Of dit word… Continue reading Terrorism – Terrorisme

Human Violations: Racism, discrimination, attacks and killings

We are a people in their own right, who have an international right to self-determination (independent territories).   It is us, as a people who have to rise to obtain it, it will not descend on us and even less it will be given to us.  The Volkstaat Council did  a good job on research and… Continue reading Human Violations: Racism, discrimination, attacks and killings