Steve Cioccolanti – Where are the churches and justice in South Africa?

Steve Cioccolanti asked:  Where are the churches in South Africa?      Where are the Justice system in South Africa?    Especially against the White minority people of South Africa.   Black economic empowerment - racism and discrimination.   Expropriation of property rights against the white minority of South Africa. * "I believe the genocide of whites… Continue reading Steve Cioccolanti – Where are the churches and justice in South Africa?

Killer and raper Carlo de Kock

  Slagoffer Chanelle McCrawl brutaal aangerand, gemartel, verkrag en vermoor - verskillende dade .  Sterkte aan die familie, en mag sy in vrede rus.   Sy het soos elke ander slagoffer wat deur hom gebruik is, dit nie verdien. Wat 'n hartseer tragedie wat nooit moes plaasgevind het nie.   Hoeveel ander slagoffers in Suid-Afrika gaan deur… Continue reading Killer and raper Carlo de Kock

Whites – you are not welcome in your country

Slow war and genocide are taking place against the white minority people - there are various signs to confirm that.   Black economic empowerment, the denials of the existance of Afrikaans language and culture, traditions and identity are only a few pointers regarding genocide. Totures and killings and raping - mostly black on white that taking… Continue reading Whites – you are not welcome in your country