Nico Swart, Richards Bay assassinated

Innige simpatie aan die familie en vriende van Nico Swart van Richardsbaai wat eenvoudig doodgeskiet is terwyl hy op pad werk toe was.   Hy was 47 jaar oud en 14 jaar werksaam vir die myn in 'n bestuurspos.  Die saak hoe hy vermoor is, word ondersoek, want daar was glo persone te voet wat op… Continue reading Nico Swart, Richards Bay assassinated

Dr Roelof Botha – Tulbach Western Cape – killed June 2020

Dr Roelof Botha, a well known doctor in Tulbach, Western Cape was brutally attacked and murdered with a panga or sharp instrument on his farm on  1 June 2020, 400 metres from his home.      The police are investigating the murder.    Dr. Roelof Botha, wie se praktyk in Van der Stelstraat is, se… Continue reading Dr Roelof Botha – Tulbach Western Cape – killed June 2020

Pretoria – Druglords – looters

We all know in South Africa that we have to face a huge drug problem together with high crime.   But, is this ongoing revolution really drug related or is there more behind this "looting, burning and druglords" - insurances?    This is arson and terrorism.  An allegation was made about a taxi driver that was… Continue reading Pretoria – Druglords – looters

Annette Jooste

  Annette Jooste (58) drove from Vereeniging to Mossel Bay in search of a better life. Friends offered her a job there. But what she thought was a good deed cost her her life. Two people who she gave a lift to were arrested in connection with her murder last Sunday.   * Police managed… Continue reading Annette Jooste

Broederstroom attack – November 2018 – Johan van Wyk

This is not the first time when there was a white farm attack ( and the person(s) later passed away, a month or even six months or a year later because of complications, torture or pain.     And who were the attackers and where are they now?   The criminals all hide and seek in Africa. … Continue reading Broederstroom attack – November 2018 – Johan van Wyk

100+ Personalities – Krugersdorp murders

If you look at the 100 personalities - do you see them?   the changes in the eyes?   As said previously  Lying was easier than breathing for Cecilia, said Rajivec, who was Cecilia’s best friend for over four years.   She said that Cecilia could do things to a person without them even knowing about it.    She… Continue reading 100+ Personalities – Krugersdorp murders

Killed in Richards Bay 18 June 2019

Two family members, a father and son were killed in the early hours of 18 June 2019.    Only a handbag and cellphone  were stolen.   A neighbour left his home and try to help, but was also killed by the terrorists.  The woman is still recovering in hospital.    All family members are still in… Continue reading Killed in Richards Bay 18 June 2019

Father, son, neighbour killed in Richards Bay

  PLEASE NOTE MEDIA - IS NOT A HOME INVASION - IT IS A TRIPPLE KILLING THAT TOOK PLACE IN RICHARDS BAY, KZN, SOUTH AFRICA   - Sad to all of us. Condolences to the wife and children, families and friends. The father and son were fatally shot by the three terrorist wearing black clothes and… Continue reading Father, son, neighbour killed in Richards Bay

Killer and raper Carlo de Kock

  Slagoffer Chanelle McCrawl brutaal aangerand, gemartel, verkrag en vermoor - verskillende dade .  Sterkte aan die familie, en mag sy in vrede rus.   Sy het soos elke ander slagoffer wat deur hom gebruik is, dit nie verdien. Wat 'n hartseer tragedie wat nooit moes plaasgevind het nie.   Hoeveel ander slagoffers in Suid-Afrika gaan deur… Continue reading Killer and raper Carlo de Kock

Veiligheid – Safety

Elkeen moet en mag hulself verdedig as hul lewens bedreig word, hetsy plaas of stadsbewoner, trokdrywer of aan die stuur van 'n besigheid.   Ons moet weet wie is in diens by ons, watter werkers is regtig betroubaar en heelwat is betrokke as spioene wat inligting van ons huise, besighede en plaasbewoners deurgee aan terroriste.  Vertrou… Continue reading Veiligheid – Safety