Farm /White Attacks and Killings – August 2020

Farm attacks and killing 2020 so far.   There were even killings during the curfew and virus at night.   Aandklokreël het nie misdadigers en moordenaars gestop om ons Blankes en Boere te verniel, aan te rand, martel en vermoor nie.August 2020- 52 farm attacks and 9 farm murders.July 2020- 55 farm attacks, 9 farm murders.June 2020-… Continue reading Farm /White Attacks and Killings – August 2020

Mooi Rivier brutal attack – Burgen and Chantelle Thorne

This is obvious not only a case of robbery at Mooi River - since when is an attack only a robbery?    Who is the investigator(s) or spokesperson? Hoe kan hierdie slegs 'n inbraak of diefstalsaak wees, terwyl daar ernstige aanranding was?  Is dit nou om die misdadigers en terroriste goed te laat lyk?   Wie… Continue reading Mooi Rivier brutal attack – Burgen and Chantelle Thorne

Eastern Cape attack and murder – Karen Turner and Matthew

Pregnant mum hacked to death as she slept and husband savagely stabbed in front of son, 2, on luxury South Africa beach holiday.   Karen Turner, 31, who was three months pregnant, was sleeping with her husband Matthew, 33, and their toddler son Hayden when they were attacked at about 3am on 17 September 2019. Hluleka… Continue reading Eastern Cape attack and murder – Karen Turner and Matthew

Richards Bay – Operation Shaya Amapara

PARTS of Richards Bay CBD remain on lockdown amid ongoing protest action which erupted on Friday and continued Monday) and Tuesday.   There is a heavy police presence in the Taxi City vicinity of Bullion Boulevard and the road remains closed at various points.  ‘Operation Shaya Amapara’ (drug related) as it is referred to by those carrying… Continue reading Richards Bay – Operation Shaya Amapara

Farm Murder – Fochville – July 2019

July 2019 - Police are reluctant to label the incident as a "farm murder", but this partcular killing of a farmer in Fochville, Gauteng is just as horrendous.   A shocking case has surfaced from Gauteng this weekend after a farmer in Fochville succumbed to the injuries he sustained during a brutal attack at his property. The… Continue reading Farm Murder – Fochville – July 2019

Farmer and his wife tortured and murdered: Sakkie and Ina van der Berg

The couple were tortured and murdered on Friday (12 July 2019) !!!!  Sakkie and Ina van der Berg were tortured and brutally killed on Friday night during a farm attack on a farm in the Boshoff / Dealesville area in the Free State.       Issues relating to the increasing number of farm attacks and… Continue reading Farmer and his wife tortured and murdered: Sakkie and Ina van der Berg

Statistics – attacks and killings of Afrikaners by blacks – January-May 2019

Summary of attacks and killings of Afrikaners / boers by blacks - January 2019 - May 2019. ErnstRoets Pic1-4: #SouthAfrica Summaries of #Afrikaners murdered in #urban and #rural areas by black militants from 1 Jan2019 to 31 May2019 - with maps, sources and pics of victims. * * * * *** June 2019… Continue reading Statistics – attacks and killings of Afrikaners by blacks – January-May 2019

Karl Koczwara killed in Sydenham, Johannesburg

30 June 2019 - Former stripper Glenda Kemp's ex-husband Karl Koczwara was murdered at his home in Sydenham, Johannesburg.   The ex-husband of former famous stripper Glenda Kemp was beaten to death with a hammer in his Johannesburg home two weeks ago.   Kemp, 70, told TimesLIVE on Friday afternoon that Karl Koczwara, 79, was murdered on… Continue reading Karl Koczwara killed in Sydenham, Johannesburg

Victor Mosehla’s letters

A few letters written by Victor Mosehla on his facebook page about South Africa, more specific, the ANC government and about the high rate of killings, rapes, corruption, crime, terrorism, burning down of businesses that are never ended.  And with a person like George Soros (OSF.SA) financing everything will it be difficult, it is not going… Continue reading Victor Mosehla’s letters

“Kill the boer” song

When any white person will sing exactly the SAME "ANC struggled song" for black citizens during court cases or black funerals and replace the "word" Boer with "K-word" or "black" (to kill the black people), the current government will take action against those white singers as in the case of Vicky.   What happened in the… Continue reading “Kill the boer” song