Broederstroom attack – November 2018 – Johan van Wyk

This is not the first time when there was a white farm attack ( and the person(s) later passed away, a month or even six months or a year later because of complications, torture or pain.     And who were the attackers and where are they now?   The criminals all hide and seek in Africa.  This is heartbreaking news and condolences to her and the family.

While he continues to live safely in his luxurious dream world a victim of an extremely serious #FarmAttack from November, 2018 has died. Now it is a #FarmMurder !
This couple did not have the luxury of living their dream… to be married.
There was no chance to say goodbye.

The attack happened a few weeks before their intended wedding day, December 15, 2018.

Johan was relaxing with his family at their Broederstroom home when three gunmen burst onto their property with guns blazing, they shot Johan 9-10 times.The perpetrators had fired 25 shots.

Johan was in the Helen Joseph Hospital for two months and their wedding was postponed to June 15. But just a few days before the big day was to happen, his health deteriorated and he was readmitted to hospital.

The date was then moved to 6 July.

Sadly…”His body just couldn’t cope with the pain anymore,” Hanli says. “It had all just become too much for him.”

People can not live a normal life in South Africa.

** ** **


Matric student Tony van Wyk and his younger half-brother and sister are determined to make their dad proud in year-end exams as he fights to survive 9-10 gunshot wounds inflicted upon him during a home invasion last week.  Johan van Wyk, 40, was relaxing with his family at their Broederstroom home when three gunmen burst onto their property with guns blazing.   Says his fiancée, Hanli Barnard, who before the attack was still planning their wedding for December 15.

She said the three children, Tony, who is writing his final matric exams, Elrine, 13, and “Klein” Johan, 11, were determined to make their dad proud and not give the gunmen any influence over their lives.

The schools said they did not have to write exams. But all have said they will. Klein Johan has never missed a day of school and he insists on going to class so he can improve his marks for his dad. Both Elrine and Tony are determined to pass their exams

But certainly the day of the attack will forever haunt the family, who are tenants on the chicken farm in Broederstroom in North West Province.    Their father and Barnard were sitting on the stoep when the attack occurred shortly before 8pm.   Van Wyk, a mechanic, was shot 10 times as he pushed Barnard into their lounge, the bullets shattering his hips and three fingers on his left hand, and piercing his lungs and intestines. 

Tony, who was in the kitchen at the time of the attack, managed to grab Klein Johan and run to neighbours through an open sliding door, as two of the gunmen fired at them as they fled across a field.    Hearing the gunshots, Barnard feared the worst, thinking the two were dead when the gunmen came back into the house laughing.

The attackers then turned on Barnard’s youngest son, five-year-old JC, and Elrine, holding guns to their heads and threatening to execute them in front of their parents and grandmother if they did not hand over weapons, money, and jewellery.

Unable to defend themselves, Van Wyk and Barnard were forced to watch in horror as the robbers continued to threaten the children unless their demands were met.   A quick-thinking Elrine managed to convince the gunmen that there were no weapons in the house, when she told them her father had handed them over to the police the day before.  Barnard said she could not believe it when they accepted what Elrine told them.

They suddenly let JC and Elrine go. They started grabbing things – our jewellery, TVs, cellphones and valuables

As they were leaving one of them turned to our dining room table and asked what was inside the bags that were on top of it. When I told them it was things for our wedding, he laughed, turned around, kicked Johan and asked why I would want to marry a dead man

As the gunmen escaped, firing at neighbours and farm workers who had come to the family’s aid, Barnard dragged her fiance’s broken body through the house to safety.   She said one of the hardest moments was hearing the gunshots as Tony and Klein Johan fled.

I didn’t know if they were dead or alive. When the robbers left they had taken our phones. I couldn’t find them. I was rushing to get Johan into the car to take him to hospital

With Van Wyk in the car, along with Elrine and JC and two neighbours, she raced to a nearby hospital.

Johan kept on passing out. I was yelling at him to stay awake

She said doctors rushed Van Wyk into surgery where they stabilised him before he was taken to Helen Joseph Hospital.

Police spokesperson Captain Tinyiko Mathebula said no arrests have been made,

** ** **

This and similar farm attacks and farm murders in the last 25 years in South Africa do occur,thy happen almost daily. These are NOT ordinary crimes. You must face the facts and admit they do happen.

The minority, the whites and farmers (Afrikaners and Boers) will not get help from Ramaphosa or anybody from government – the ANC leader, told the United nations and those there there are no killings in South Africa, while they lied to them.  They all have songs to “kill the whites”.   

White farmers and in cities/towns, get your own safety in place, the government will do nothing for you or any white person. They don’t care. Even if you “relax” with a braai, make sure you are safe. Create your own groups in your home, business,  area and get involved .   There is training from Burgerlike Beskerming  available as well.   And do not discuss your safety social media or cellphones.   Be aware who are working for you – sometimes, they are the spies for terrorists – they are watching you while working.

Ramaphosa and others lied about racism and discrimination against only the white minority, with B-BBEE legislations since 1994.      The leader often made speeches and spoke about their own people. We are not part of them. Never will be.

Apartheid, areas, like in the previous homelands before, did change into trustlands since 1994 with legislations and agreements – there are 30 millions black and coloureds, are still living on the same lands, while others are mostly immigrants from Africa and elsewhere, around us.   It was agreed during Codesa negotiations that they keep their homelands (it was called reserves or british crownlands before 1961-1854).

Landclaims were made since 1994, only for different ethnic black and khoisan / coloureds and no whites have those privileges.   Certain farms are only for our people but we still under the current government and constitution.

Since 1994 – They told the world that “segregation” is gone, it is not, never was.   There was only a change of names.   It is all in Hansards and legislations, even the constitution.

Today there are 8840 traditional leaders, all in separate lands, trustlands or cpa’s. There were 5000+ productive farms bought by government as an “expropriation excuse” since 1994 and nothing happened with that. Now they waiting for the expropriation without compensation of all properties.  Just remember – we  are on our own, nobody will come and stop them, no government oversea will stop them.   Take responsibility for your own safety and your family as well.


Hierdie blanke boer wat vermoor is, is nie die eerste en ook nie die laaste, wat etlike maande na die aanval op die plaas , herstel het nie.  Tragiese omstandighede speel in elke geval af waar families ontroosbaar voortgaan met lewens.  Daar is geen manier dat so ‘n terreurdaad ooit vergeet word nie, al kom dit soms voor of sekere families dit eenkant plaas om te vergeet dat dit ooit gebeur het.  Geen geliefde word so vinnig vergeet of eenkant geplaas nie.   Geliefdes huil na binne en praat moeilik oor wat regtig plaasgevind het.   Daar is duisende wat al die pad gestap het, waar geliefdes onmiddellik nadat hul gemartel is, doodgekap, doodgebloei of doodgeskiet is.

Nog ander voorbeelde kan genoem word, en dis mediese sorg.   Waar blankes (of selfs ander volke) in hospitale nie die nodige sorg kry nie, of weens nalatigheid of onvoldoende sorg, sterf.   Waar word al hierdie sake opgevolg, veral nalatigheid of onbevoegdheid?   Is dit nie ook deel van ‘n patroon van moord of selfs volksmoord, wat gepleeg word deur onbevoegdes wat in hospitale aangestel word wat nie hul werk behoortlik kan doen nie.  Heelwat pasiënte gaan in hospitale in en sien nooit weer die buitekant daarvan nie.

Ander etniese volke waar daar ook moorde plaasvind, word nie so aan martelings blootgestel nie.   Verkragtings wel.   Beserings aan kinders wat vermoor word, dui ook aan dat hulle gemartel of selfs verkrag is, voor hul gesterf het.  Ons volk het nog nooit ander volke se sterftes of moorde bevraagteken nie.  Dis tyd dat hierdie volke hul eie stemme verhef en nie net ten koste van een of twee nie.

Dit is net ironies, waar daar wel ‘n blanke betrokke is, word dit vir maande aan die klok gehang, dreigemente en selfs dorpe wat afgebrand word.

Daarteenoor  en opvallend word daar altyd net van 45-60 getalle gepraat wat vermoor is.  Daar vind weinig simpatie op sosiale media plaas of kom weinig simpatie voor as daar in die bondels “doodgemaak” word.   Heelwat name is nie eers bekend nie en geen polisie ondersoeke of hofsake vind plaas.   Daar is regtig min inligting wat weergegee word of selfs die misdadigers, loop vry rond indien dit wel ‘n moord is/was.

Soms kan daar nie anders as gewonder word, hoeveel van die swartes wat as vermoor getel word, is regtig vermoor, en hoeveel van hulle is regtig burgers van Suid-Afrika en nie net immigrante nie.

Indien hierdie daaglikse getalle wat gegee word, wel vermoor is, waar is die families wat huil en hartseer is, hofsake en polisie ondersoeke of grafte en begrafnisse?  Enige getalle vermoordes is ‘n ernstige aanklag teenoor die onderskeie ministers en president wat nie die land regeer soos hulle moet nie, en tog, word geen inligting spesifiek oor moorde en ondersoeke, bekendgemaak nie.  Dit strook nie wat in die grondwet staan dat elkeen ‘n reg tot lewe het nie – en dit geld ook vir elke blanke wat al sedert 1994 vermoor is.

Is hierdie groot getal onbekendes wat as “vermoor” aangegee word,  nie ook maar net vlugtelinge bo uit Afrika  weens maatskaplike probleme wat ervaar is, honger en ontbering en hier in die suidpunt van Suid-Afrika hul rusplek kom vind.  Hoeveel van hierdie immigrante getalle is regtig waar, sodat die ware volksmoord (e) weggesteek word.   Verkies ons mense om eerder in ontkenning te leef sodat ons volk totaal en al uitgewis word?

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