Leiers van vandag – Leaders of today

Politicians have been guilty for 26 years of protecting criminals and terrorists and it is possible, it is also longer than 26 years since 1900. Some criminals and terrorists that have been caught, have some of the best quality of life in South African prisons, while victims have to pay for everything.

Cyril Ramaphosa is a no-nonsense man when it comes to his business, firing anyone who dares steal from him. PICTURE BY Independent.

Ramaphosa sacks another manager at his Badplaas farm


On the other hand, most of our pensioners are much worse off, which has helped build the country for years. Visit any prison in South Africa. The buildings are better than hospitals and have given a home to the criminals, while so many of us are living under trees. Criminals have a roof over their heads, 2 to 3 meals a day, internet access and other fringe benefits. If they want to study further or even started a businesses industry they have it. They have the best medical care and treatments, which no elderly or victim obtains. The victims have to pay more than double for security in our houses and businesses, camera systems also insurances and own medical aid or private funds.

Even the youth of today, can not compete with the criminals and terrorists in prisons who are caught for very serious or less serious offenses. Once they gain parole, they resume their actions.

ABW concentration camps – Rudie Rousseau ea

Unemployment – communism – bolshevism

Communism:   Bolshevisme – Kalergi



Corruption is very bad and a crime – that is Violations of human rights in the whole country.  This is not fair and a violation to most of us. Interestingly, in the article in question it was mentioned that Ramaphosa, does not tolerate nonsense on his farm with any theft.

On the other hand, there is the ONE reciprocal question – why does this man (number ones, not only Ramaphosa) allow the ANC that governs the country to take our tax money that does not belong to them. Surely he is not the only person and president who feels that way. Every country’s president should feel that way, but they do not. Who and what do they really support?   Are they proud of the corruption and all the other crimes that they do nothing about that?

Any person running a business or a state entity, a Minister is going to feel that way when they are robbed or attacked in their private homes or businesses.   Corruption is committed daily, where there was a coup or state capture –  all the tenders and “bribes”, and yet the man does not tolerate anything being lost on his farm (article of Ramaphosa).   This also applies to Malema, Zuma, Mbeki and Mandela or other leaders and CEO’s / directors. This applies to any member of parliament which is supposed to better things and manage the country’s business and economy.

How effective is the ANC then and how effective are the opposition leaders of all the politicians in addressing this corruption properly.    It revolves around each province and provincial leader as well as each municipality.    Most importantly, it also revolves around the Constitution and Judges in charge of the Constitution who see all these things and never or rarely address them.     The Judges are supposed to be independent (NOT).   This applies to every Commission appointed that investigates corruption and murder, every crime and all the Ministers. How effective are those who control the country – certainly they are a zero at the moment, because that is what our economic status is.    We have nothing to be proud of.

If cattle or any animals  are stolen and slaughtered on any farm, like it was in Senekal and Paul Roux, that’s in terms of the government the criminal’s right, it sometimes take years to be investigated and does not need to be investigated in dept.    Stock theft syndicates rule the livestock thefts – who is in charge of them?    But as long as they just do not steal from Zuma, Malema or Ramaphosa’s expensive cattle, then everything is fine. Is it a case of someone thinking they are better than others, that they are allowed to take and are also only simply fired or forced to resign  – what about the money that has been stolen since 1994?  What about all the damage afterwards?

Regarding the article quoted.    What are the circumstances in which all these farm workers of Ramaphosa for example and perhaps every other member of parliament who owns a plot or farm look like?   What is the circumstances of his workers?   How were they treated the employees or are they also slaves as Malema made clear that workers working for Boers are slaves.   There are black farmers too.   Malema mentioned that farmers have been slaves, but in my opinion there are no slaves if you work for an income. Malema himself is an opposition leader, and all of this applies to him as well as to every other traditional leader, councilor who is supposed to render a service.

Read the article about “stealing” of equipment or even cattle/animals on farms.  Is just Ramaphosa and the elites (any race) who may get angry if their stuff has been stolen. Farmers and businesses are robbed, attacked, killed and burned, but this does not affect the pockets of the leaders of ANC-SACP-EFF-DA and others. Their expectations are others’ property may be looted, stolen or burned down, as long as it is not their own things.   This is also bad, where is the police if that happened? 

On the otherside, the public must also not get angry if the government steals and dries so much at all levels of government, even if services are paid for, one gets no or only an occasional service. Why are we being robbed of our services and robbed of our human rights?   Where is the Bill of Rights now?   We are the people with no human rights. BUT who put the ANC in charge to rule the country into the depth of the ocean – who voted for them or even other parties?

Many people are without power and water for days and even weeks, but it does not affect the elites and rich like Ramaphosa, Malema, Mbeki,  Zuma, Steenhuizen or others. Maybe it’s time for Ramaphosa to highlight the realities of corruption, people should be prosecuted and heavily fined, because they steal our tax money, which does not belong to them.   That is violations of our human rights.    Prosecution should start at the top, not the bottom. The people and workers at ground level carries out the assignments of the top management and their supervisors. Those who steal like that still have to pay extra to SARS as well, it’s only right if they stole our money, they have to pay tax on our money that is not theirs.

The workers on Ramaphosa’s farm at Badplaas do that too, so why not the government?   Or the Minister of Police and any other Minister – all of them have a huge budget, TAX money. 
Also, every company, every state entity, like Eskom, should do the same.  BUT…. They are the “leaders” to supply electricity, but they steal our money to enrich themselves, look at all the bribes since 1994.   They are in power but how do they treat the Tax payers, the supporters?

Who rules the South Africa since 1994 – the ANC right – no criminals are in charge. What about the farm attacks and killings, the stealing of human rights. Everybody has a right to live. Not only the ANC – SACP – EFF – DA and their members.

Refer to their constitution, the appointment of judges are the President of the winning party – ANC. How can that be “independent?



Political corruption or Malpolitics is the use or even abusing of powers by government officials or their network contacts for illegitimate private gain.   There are different kinds of corruption – the one hand wash the others.  Forms of corruption vary, but can include  bribery,  extortion,  cronyism, nepotism, parochialism, patronage, influence peddling, graft, and embezzlement. Corruption may facilitate criminal enterprise such as drug trafficking, money laundering, and human trafficking, though it is not restricted to these activities.   The misuse of government power for other purposes, such as repression of political opponents and general police brutality, is also considered political corruption – v iolation of human rights.


Die opskrif lees – Leiers van vandag – moet eintlik wees Korrupte leiers van vandag wat terreurdade oorsien en ontken.   

Interessant, in die artikel ter sprake word genoem dat Ramaphosa, nie nonsens duld op sy plaas met diefstal nie.   Daarteenoor is daar die EEN wederkerige vraag – waarom laat hierdie man toe dat die ANC wat die land regeer ons belastinggeld neem wat nie aan hulle behoort nie.    Verseker is hy nie die enigste president wat so voel nie.  Elke land se president behoort so te voel, maar hulle doen nie.   Wie en wat steun hulle regtig?   Is hulle so trots op al die korrupsie en misdaad wat hul pleeg of toelaat om gepleeg te word? Hoe word misdaad, rassisme en diskriminasie hanteer met dubbel standaarde?

Selfs ander politieke partye wat nou en dan ‘n stem laat hoor, doen niks of veel nie.  Hoe kan’n land regeer met soveel misdadigers wat meer byvoordele het as die burgers en boonop ‘n sukses daarvan maak? 

Korrupsie hou nie op nie en min word vervolg. Vir wie word daar so baie geld ingesamel – vir Ramaphosa se “nuwe dawn” of NWO?   Dis ‘n ope vraag en die tyd gaan leer hoekom alle besighede tot niet gemaak moet word sodat die kommuniste alles moet beheer (let wel alles wat vernietig is – daar gaan niks wees om te beheer nie). 

Wie is die skeppers van besighede en vooruitgang, nie die nuwe dawn of wie die geld neem nie?  Enige burger wat regdenkend is, sal weet, dit is nie leiers nie. 

Lees op oor Bolshevisme en hoe dit gewerk het.   Dit het reeds in die ou bedeling begin, inteendeel gaan terug na die Anglo-Boere oorloë en wat was die oorsake hoekom die Britte sover hul troepe gestuur het om ons voorouers te vernietig.

Enige persoon wat ‘n besigheid bedryf of selfs die staatsentiteite, gaan so daaroor voel as hulle privaat besteel word.   Daar word daagliks korrupsie gepleeg, waar daar ‘n staatskaping was, al die tenders en “bribes, en tog duld die man niks op sy plaas mag wegraak nie.   Dit geld ook vir Zuma, Mbeki en Mandela.  Dit geld vir enige lid van parlement wat veronderstel is om die land se sake en ekonomie beter te bestuur.   Elke minister het gefaal om beheer en mag uit te oefen volgens die “onafhanklike grondwet”.

Hoe effektief doen die ANC dit dan en hoe effektief is die opposisieleiers van al die politici om hierdie korrupsie reg aan te spreek.  Dit wentel af na elke provinsie en provinsiale leier asook elke munisipaliteit.   Belangrikste is dit wentel ook na die Grondwet en Regters in beheer van die Grondwet wat al hierdie dinge sien en nooit of selde aanspreek.  Dit geld vir elke Kommisie wat aangestel word wat korrupsie en moorde, elke misdaad ondersoek.  Hoe effektief is die wat die land beheer – beslis is hulle ‘n zero op die stadium, want dit is wat ons ekonomiese status is.  Wat is daar om op trots te wees – niks.

Indien BOERE se vee gesteel en afgeslag word, is dit reg, dit hoef nie in diepte ondersoek te word nie, veediefstalsindikate regeer die vee diefstalle, maar solank hulle net nie Ramaphosa se duur beeste steel nie, dan is alles reg.   Is dit ‘n geval van iemand dink hul is beter as ander, dat hulle nie mag vat nie en word ook sommer afgedank of geforseer om te bedank.

Rakende die artikel wat aangehaal word.   Hoe lyk die omstandighede waarin al hierdie plaaswerkers van Ramaphosa en elke ander lid van parlement wat ‘n plot of plaas besit, bly – hoe word hulle behandel of is hulle ook slawe soos wat Malema duidelik gemaak het dat werkers wat vir Boere werk is slawe.     Malema dit genoem dat boere slawe het, maar myns insiens is daar geen slawe as jy vir ‘n inkomste werk nie.   Malema is self ‘n opposisie leier, en al hierdie dinge geld vir hom ook en elke ander tradisionele leier, raadslid wat veronderstel is om ‘n diens te lewer.

Is ook net Ramaphosa en die elites (enige ras) wat mag kwaad word indien hul goed gesteel word.   Boere en besighede word besteel en afgebrand, maar dit raak nie die ANC-SAKP-EFF-DA en ander se sakke nie.   Hul verwagting is, ander se goed mag geplunder, gesteel of afgebrand word, solank dit nie hulle sin is nie.     Die publiek mag ook nie kwaad word as die regering so baie steel en droogmaak op alle vlakke van regering nie, al word daar vir dienste betaal, kry mens geen of net af en toe ‘n diens.  Waarom word ons van ons dienste gesteel en van ons menseregte beroof?

Heelwat persone is vir dae en weke sonder krag en water, maar dit raak nie die elites en rykes soos Ramaphosa nie.   Boere en elkeen wat geraak word, word nog meer blootgestel aan misdadigers.   Die hele plan van die ANC en hul kaders?   Dalk is dit tyd vir Ramaphosa om die realiteite van korrupsie uit te lig, mense moet vervolg word en swaar beboet word, want hulle steel ons belasting se geld, wat nie aan hulle behoort.   En dit moet by die top begin, nie onder nie.   Die op grondvlak voer die opdragte uit van die topbestuur.      Die wat so steel  moet nog ekstra aan SARS ook betaal, dis net reg as hulle gesteel om belasting op ons geld wat nie hulle sin is, te betaal,.

Badplaas se mense doen dit ook, so waarom nie die regering nie?   Elke maatskappy, elke staatsentiteit, soos Eskom, behoort dieselfde te doen.  Hulle is die “leiers” om elektrisiteit te voorsien, maar hulle steel ons geld om hulle te verryk,



The President is said to be angered by what he believes is “rampant theft” taking place at the farm.   ANC leader Cyril Ramaphosa has fired another manager at his Badplaas farm.     The sacking of manager Kobus Rall took place on 12 July 2019, while the President was visiting his Ntaba Nyoni feed-lot farm in the Mpumalanga province.   The Ntaba Nyoni owner arrived with wife Portia Motsepe-Ramaphosa on that Friday mid-day of 12 July in a top of the range white Agusta Grand chopper with registration ZS-HMV.

013NEWS can today reveal that the President still frequents his businesses, despite placing them in a blind trust.  A blind trust allows the man to run public affairs while his businesses are run somewhere else, in order for him to allow for no conflict of interest while he serves the people of South Africa.

A day after the 8 May 2019 general elections, Ramaphosa came to Ntaba Nyoni, situated more than 30km from the Badplaas town of Mpumalanga, and shared hugs with workers. Smiling Ramaphosa said, ‘Nibahle today wow (You look so beautiful today, wow)”, one worker told 013NEWS. And workers were afforded the opportunity to take photos with the ANC leader.

The sacking of the manager by Ramaphosa on 12 July 2019 when he visited Ntaba Nyoni was the result of the suspension that Ramaphosa gave for a disciplinary hearing the politician was going to institute against Rall this week, this paper has learnt from a highly-placed source in the farm with a close day-to-day interaction with the President. 

“Rall is no longer on the farm. Ramaphosa was angry about how the farm is operating of late. He feels he is being betrayed by the manager as competition for cows grows, between the black and white farmers. Ramaphosa thinks that Rall is collaborating and taking his customers away to white farmers at his expense and the whole thing of the fat producing farm is no longer giving him profits, perhaps because of rampant theft occurring under the general manager’s watch,” the source said when they spoke to the 013NEWS reporter in Badplaas Thursday this week (25 Jul). 

Rall denied he was fired. He said though he was sent home on suspension but he decided to resign on the Monday of 8 July 2019. This is 4 days before the President visited the farm. 

Now the farm, which feeds and breeds some of the world’s most expensive cows, is having no manager. Workers hope they will have a manager soon. 

“I resigned, yes I did,” he said. 

Last year Rall made news when he was accused of being a ‘racist’ by the EFF over the issue of the 6 workers he sacked in January 2018, which included a white site manager.

The party went to the President’s farm in February 2018 to protest and demand that Rall reinstate the workers. 

One worker who spoke to the 013NEWS reporter said that the President was very angry on that day. He said that the man was supposed to sleep on the farm that day together with a throng of his bodyguards that had earlier travelled with the presidential motorcade ahead in order to receive him there while he flew in.

But wife Portia felt that “the house where we are supposed to sleep is a mess,” the worker said.     Rall at the time said that the workers had allegedly stolen 30 bags of fertiliser, 3 of maize seeds, 2 chain saws, grass-cutters and a welding machine.   Two vehicle batteries, a grinder and a mobile toilet were also taken, Rall said then of his decision to have the 6 fired.

“During the investigations several other items were also mentioned, like meat, groceries and building equipment,” he said.

“The stolen items were at first valued at approximately R40 000, but after further investigations, a more realistic value of R 90 000 was calculated,” Rall said then, adding the 6 workers were suspended with full salary from 22 December 2017 and a fair disciplinary enquiry was held with each of them on 3 January 2018. 

“Ramaphosa is not a happy man. Things are not okay on the farm. People take things as if they own the farm,” the highly-placed source told the 013NEWS reporter over the phone Thursday.


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